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Bella Poarch Announces Her Divorce From Tyler Poarch

Bella Poarch Announces Her Divorce From Tyler Poarch

Bella Poarch has announced her separation from her husband Tyler Poarch and her hiatus from social media. The TikTok celebrity denied the reports that she had divorced her husband of nearly four years. Due to the fact that she keeps her personal life out of the spotlight, many of her 25-year-old fans did not know that she was married.

The Filipino-American star released a message on social media in which she stated:

I’m so sorry if everyone thinks I’ve been keeping a secret. I will address my divorce when I am ready to speak about it. In the meantime, please respect mine and Tyler’s privacy.

“My team will be taking over my socials and posting certain obligations that need to be fulfilled. I will be taking a break from social media. Thank you <3 -Bella.

Bella and Tyler Poarch tied the knot in January of 2019 in what was apparently a pretty low-key affair.

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According to the entertainment news outlet, the two are no longer together and have cited “irreconcilable disagreements” as the cause for their breakup, with an uncertain separation date. Bella will keep her last name after the divorce and has asked that neither party pay spousal support.

Fans React to News of Bella’s Divorce

Uncharacteristically perhaps for the internet, Bella has received an outpouring of support and love from fans as they learned of her divorce.

One Twitter user replied to her statement with: “You don’t need to address anything, it’s nobodies business. This is a private matter between you and your ex. You don’t owe anybody anything. Keep your head high, and take care of yourself! Sending all the love Bella!

Another wrote: “Take your time. This is nobody else’s business and we love you so much. Hope you’re ok.”

Another commented: “I hope you are doing well!”

Final Lines

Despite Bella’s massive online following, the TikToker has yet to post any images of herself with Tyler or sporting a wedding band. They tied the knot in January 2019.

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