Review and Recap of 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 7: “Cursed”

This week’s 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 7 Cursed examines how superstitions impact the lives of the 118 as well as two extremely unhappy people. Let’s get right to the events of “Cursed.”

The Cursed Bracelet: (9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 7)

Felisa, a troubled Hollywood celebrity, and her overeager secretary Alexis are very uncommon repeat patients for the 118. Felisa lets Alexis persuade her into buying a $20,000 bracelet that is rumoured to have been found in Pompeii because she is desperate to cleanse her energies to get over her poor luck and challenging history.

Felisa dons the bracelet—one she told her online audience she’d do an unboxing for—happy in the belief that it will change her fate, but almost immediately encounters “bad luck” in the form of her enormous iron chandelier crashing on her. Time for the 118 to arrive on the scene and split the chandelier in half to relocate it.

Felisa explains the history of the bracelet and its “good luck” as they proceed. As Felisa and the bracelet are being transported to the hospital, Alexis follows them about, anxious about them.

Incident #2

The 118 shows up at the scene of a spa mishap just as she is beginning to believe that was an accident. Eddie identifies the bracelet on the woman who had unintentionally had her face coated with wax. They once more rush Felisa to the hospital when Hen can open her airway.

9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 7 Cursed
9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 7 Cursed

Her bracelet loses its grip amid the commotion and falls into the ambulance, causing some amusement back at the station. Eddie keeps making fun of the team while Chimney won’t touch it; nevertheless, as soon as he grabs it, a second firefighter comes in line behind them.

Bobby notices that he was injured when he fell and that he had fallen on some gas. The station is shut down and evacuated. Perhaps the curse is real, as Chimney and Hen claim.

Incident #3

Felisa is looking for something to purify her energy, so she and Alexis go to a crystal store. The woman enters the back to get Felisa some jade and citrine pieces, but while she’s waiting, Felisa notices a huge amethyst stone. She is begged by Alexis not to use a ladder as she goes in search of the shop owner.

Alexis doesn’t wait, of course, but the bad luck is no longer with her. Alexis emerges from the back, gasping after being stabbed by some crystal, just as she is about to climb the step stool. Felisa is found by the owner pleading for her to dial 9-1-1 when the owner discovers her on the ground.

She does, but as Maddie absorbs the information, the three of them fall asleep. When the 118 come wearing gas masks, they only recognise two people. The owner is the one who reveals the crystal that stabbed Alexis to Eddie and Chimney after they revive Felisa outside and learn the details. A poisonous gas was produced when a chemical substance and stomach acid were mixed. Alexis is hurried to the ER after one mystery has been clarified.

The Final Call

Eddie decides to alert Felisa in the hospital while Alexis is still comatose after Athena examines the bracelet. Felisa is hesitant to accept him when he claims that Alexis paid $11k for the bracelet Felisa paid $20k for from a random website.

Despite Eddie’s caution, Felisa leaves the hospital because she believes she can care for herself without assistance. She senses a car is following her as she accelerates out. After making a few evasive moves, she dials 9-1-1, who then issues a call to all cops in the area, including Athena, who is familiar with Felisa’s name.

Before she can answer, Felisa has already hit the back of an asphalt truck in her attempt to flee, causing the hot materials to spill onto her car and locking her inside with the lethal gases. The man has been placed under arrest when Athena shows up, but the 118 hurry to get Felisa. Thankfully, they free her despite just making it in time to rescue her.

When Athena questions the man, everything comes out. He was the one who offered the false bracelet to Alexis. He realised he had to get the bracelet back when he learned Felisa was a celebrity and that his fake artefact company would probably be in danger.

At her home, the spa, where he knocked the wax over, and the crystal shop, where he confronted Alexis and unintentionally stabbed her during their altercation, he attempted to stop it. Following Felisa home was his last-ditch effort, but it resulted in his imprisonment. Maybe it was he who was cursed!

Eddie’s Wisdom

Eddie isn’t just against otherworldly things; he also thinks Alexis might be trying to control Felisa. He tells Bobby and Athena about the psychic who exploited his Abuela after his Abuelo passed away when he visits Bobby and Athena.

Eddie is understandably sceptical because she spent all of her funds on this woman’s messages due to her anguish. Athena comments, “My mother has costume jewellery that looks better than this,” as Eddie tells her what he learned from Felisa.

By his conscience, he informs Felisa about it at the hospital, and as a result, the man who stabbed Alexis is ultimately apprehended. Felisa was also invited to meet Eddie, Christopher, and them at the beach. He watches Christopher play, which she finds to be pleasant.

Eddie explains to her that after the tsunami, he knew that if they didn’t go back to the pier and the water, their fear of the water would only get worse, so he made the decision to face it rather than give it control over them. Together, they unwind at the beach right now and create fresh memories.

Eddie helps Felisa understand that she can carve out her path in life without letting her past choices dictate how she lives in his unique way after she recognises the wisdom of it.

Buck Faces Some Scheduling Difficulties

As a result of his decision to donate his sperm to Connor and Cameron, Buck encounters several issues each time he goes to the clinic. Buck has decided to sleep more, eat healthier and even decides to become celibate to “start his friend’s family off on the right track.” Given that it will be four full weeks before he can make the donation at the clinic, he tells Hen about it.

He returns once more, but this time there is a power outage, so they ask him to return in yet another week. While he’s been able to keep his decision a secret from the team, that fails when the couple arrives at the firehouse and discovers he hasn’t yet donated.

They are worried and stressed out that he might have changed his mind and is keeping it from them. In response to Cameron’s concern, Buck reveals that despite a few hiccups, he still intends to be their sperm donor. Of course, everyone on the team has gathered on the balcony above to listen in, so the secret is now out.

He is finally on his way to another appointment when his car abruptly dies. According to his phone, Buck is only 1.8 miles from the clinic and has 10 minutes to get there, so he does what any committed friend (and one who is a little on edge) might do and sprints there.

He eagerly informs the nurse that he is two minutes early and frantically inquires as to whether he made it in time while sweating and panting. She looks completely baffled and responds, “Yes,” handing him a cup and a magazine to escort him back.

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Final Lines

In this week’s episode of 9-1-1, we take a look at how superstitions affect the lives of two very sad people, in addition to the 118. In this article, We are taking into the events that took place in “Cursed.” If you like this article then share it with your friend and Stay connected on for more further details.

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