Arrowverse Batwoman Has Confirmed To Return For The Flash season 9

Javicia Leslie, who plays Batwoman on The Arrowverse, has confirmed that she will reprise her role as the Gotham City hero on The Flash season 9, making it her second appearance.

Javicia Leslie has announced she will don the Batwoman costume once more for the Arrowverse after appearing as a new character in The Flash season 9 set images. The Flash season 9 will bring Barry Allen’s journey to an end, marking the end of one of The CW’s longest-running Arrowverse dramas.

The Flash is one of just two Arrowverse/DC TV shows returning in 2023 after others were cancelled earlier in the year, including Batwoman and other Arrowverse/DC TV programmes.

Leslie will make an appearance in The Flash season 9 even though Batwoman was cancelled after three seasons. She will supposedly play multiple characters from the Arrowverse. The Batwoman star will once again don the Batwoman costume after appearing in set images as Red Death (although The CW is only referring to her as a “Mystery Character” for the time being).

Ryan Wilder’s standard Batwoman outfit was on display for the first time since her show ended in March when Leslie posted a photo and a video to her Instagram story from her trailer. Below are screenshots of the actor who plays Batwoman’s comeback:

Explained: How Javicia Leslie Plays Multiple Roles in Flash Season 9

Even though neither Warner Bros. TV hasn’t provided any information regarding the plot of how Batwoman’s Leslie will be doing double duty in The Flash season 9, it’s not too difficult to guess what ideas they might be utilising.

The idea of a multiverse has been central to the Arrowverse since season 2 of The Flash when characters’ doppelgängers would travel to alternate Earths. Instead of the Earth-Prime version of Ryan becoming the notorious DC villain, Red Death is probably Ryan from another dimension.

Arrowverse Batwoman Has Confirmed For The Flash season 9
Arrowverse Batwoman Has been Confirmed For The Flash season 9

Although the network and studio have not made it clear whether Red Death would be the main antagonist for The Flash season 9, it does seem that Leslie will portray two characters in one episode at least once during the final season. The only other possible alternate plot concept for Red Death is if this Ryan originates from a different timeline than the one in which the movie is set and she later develops into a villain.

In that case, the movie would be more of a time-travel story than a multiverse one. Fans of the Arrowverse, especially those who adored the Batwoman television series, should find solace in the fact that the Gotham City vigilante will appear in at least one episode of The Flash’s final season, if not more.

It is unknown when The CW will take a deeper look at Leslie’s arc in the last season of The Flash because the network has not yet announced a launch date for the ninth season. The only thing that is now known is that The Flash will return in 2023, albeit it is currently unknown whether it will happen in February or later around the midseason.

While The CW is currently keeping this plot under wraps, it will be interesting to see how Leslie’s characters interact with The Flash and whether or not she ends up being Barry’s final adversary rather than the much-rumoured Cobalt Blue.

The CW should soon release the first trailer for The Flash season 9, which should give viewers a better idea of what Leslie’s Batwoman characters will be up to in the show’s last season.

The Flash Season 9 Introduces Several New Rogues

In the last season of The Flash, The Red Death is not the only new villain to be added to Scarlet Speedster’s rogue’s gallery. A set image of an unnamed man who is reportedly going to assume the role of the Arrow villain Captain Boomerang is now making the rounds online.

Nick E. Tarabay revived the original Captain Boomerang, who passed away in the “Lian Yu” episode of Season 5 of Arrow. Little is known about his alleged successor, other than the fact that his attire mimics Captain Boomerang’s vintage outfit from the Flash comics more closely.

The seeming inflow of new enemies in The Flash Season 9 hints that those involved are eager to end The CW series with an appropriately action-packed victory lap. Grant Gustin, the show’s star, recently discussed the “bittersweet” experience of bringing the lengthy series to an end and assured that it will end on a good note.

He expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m extremely happy to do this one final time, finish on our terms, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it as much as possible.”

Final Lines

Leslie announced that she was coming back in an Instagram Story video shot in her trailer on the set of a CW show. In the video, the actor seems to be wearing the costume she wore as the Ryan Wilder version of Batwoman in the series of the same name, which ended in March 2022. You can check more articles on our website and also comment in the comment section.

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