Season 3 Finale Of ‘Love Is Blind’: Who Got Married, Who Is Still Together?

Another chaotic season of Netflix’s blockbuster dating reality show “Love is Blind” has come to a conclusion. Two seasons in, we can attest that Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” was utter mayhem. In October, the show’s third season premiered on Netflix, and thirty singles joined to try to find love in the show’s unconventional format.

They will develop relationships not via physical contact but through romantic attraction. Removing the superficial aesthetic standards that influence people’s choices today is at the heart of this discussion. Therefore, the message of “Accept Is Blind” is to encourage people to love themselves regardless of their perceived flaws.

Mock and Vanessa Lachey, the hosts, are geared up to give the guests an event they will never forget. The Season 3 conclusion of “Love Is Blind” revealed, however, which couples ultimately tied the knot and who were left devastated.

'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Finale
‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Finale

There were originally 30 available singles, but towards the conclusion of the season, just a handful remained. What exactly went down in the third-season conclusion of “Love Is Blind”? Let’s examine the famous couples who managed to remain in vogue during Season 3 of “Love Is Blind.”

Alexa Alfia And Brennon Lemieux

Alexa, age 27, and Brennon, age 32, seemed like a match made in paradise. Lucky for them, the season 3 finale of “Love Is Blind” revealed how they ultimately said “I do.” after meeting each other through the experiment.

They’re living the good life now that they have two pets. The pair come from various walks of life, yet their love has overcome all obstacles. As late as the third season reunion of “Love Is Blind,” she still spoke of her joy at being with Brennon. She added that she is not pregnant at this time, but that she and her partner do hope to have children.

Raven Ross And Sikiru ‘SK’ Alagbada

The path to the altar was not easy for this couple. The couple of 29-year-old Raven and 34-year-old Sk experienced considerable misunderstanding. They had a love triangle in the outset, and then they had problems with physical intimacy, cultural differences, and the opinions of their respective families once they reconciled.

When SK announced her plans to study in California for two years in pursuit of a Master’s degree, the pair found themselves on quite different pages. However, Dallas was not quite ready to part ways with Raven. Raven made it down the aisle and said “yes,” but SK ultimately decided not to marry her. Despite this, he continued to love him.

The good news is that they are still an item. As Raven put it, “we’ve learned so much from this experiment, from all we’ve gone through.” “Being together is so much better than being apart… it’s very great to be able to do that.”

Zanny Jaffrey & Cole Barnett

Cole, the founder of Bdellium Real Estate, and Zanab, his partner in the business, couldn’t be more different in temperament. Theirs was never the kind of relationship anyone would have wanted to put on a list.

Cole’s relatives were lukewarm about appearing in Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” and meeting Zanab. This is why Zanab refused to marry on the wedding day. She told everyone at the wedding how Cole had treated her poorly and even ridiculed her for her body. Their deteriorating relationship led to a break in communication between them.

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

Nancy, a 32-year-old real estate investor, met a senior analyst named Bartise, but the two never really got along. Bartise confessed he did not feel s*xual chemistry with Nancy. They made an effort to deepen their connection, but there’s more to a successful wedding than physical chemistry.

In spite of Nancy’s “yes,” Bartise’s “no” and the events of the Season 3 finale of “Love Is Blind” brought about significant changes. At the get-together, Bartise was bragging that he had “moved on with a tall blonde.”

'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Finale
‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Finale

Collin Reed & Matt Bloom

Colleen, age 26, had her pick among the show’s potential suitors, but she ended up going out with Matt, age 28. Even though they had doubts about their future together, they said their wedding vows. It’s interesting that they aren’t already living together but insist they have plans to do so.

To which Matt responded, “As soon as you’re away from the stage and the crowd, you two can really get to know each other. To say the least, things were difficult when we first emerged.” It took some time to figure out how to work together smoothly, And right now is as good as it’s ever been for us.”

There’s no denying that the third season finale of “Love Is Blind” exploded. It’s a must-see for any fan of reality television. The Season 3 finale of “Love Is Blind” left us eager for the next instalment.

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