Why Did Dixie D’ Amelio And Noah Beck Break Up After 2-years? They’re ‘No Longer Together

The speculations around TikTok couple Dixie D Amelio And Noah Beck Break Up have been there for a month now. They have been making headlines since the media and fans were trying to keep up with the latest update on their relationship.

When the rumour first started circulating, Dixie denied the statements and claimed that they chose to keep their relationship private. But the couple had made their separation official and even Beck’s publicist revealed to The New York Times, “We can confirm that the pair are no longer together.”

Now that Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck break up, what was the actual reason that led to the end of a two years relationship?

The Two Years Relationship of Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck

Once these two popular TikTok stars crossed their path, they couldn’t help but instantly get attracted to each other. The TikTok power couple started dating each other back in September 2020 post their shoot for Dixie’s music video, “Be Happy”.  They did share a kiss in the music video and definitely, changed their relationship status from single to taken.

Noah even shared the romantic story behind how he proposed to Dixie to be his girlfriend. It was a sweet proposal by decorating their favourite spit of a lifeguard post with candles, petals, and other stuff to make it romantic. Dixie was clueless about the entire plan but once Noah popped the question, Dixie happily accepted it. 

Dixie D Amelio And Noah Beck Break Up
Dixie D Amelio And Noah Beck Break Up

As a matter of fact, in January 2021, Noah even claimed in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that he have plans of marrying Dixie. Noah said, “I can see myself marrying Dixie, and that’s the goal … I don’t wanna waste my time. I don’t wanna be with someone if the intention is not to date to marry them. I think she’s my forever person”. 

The TikTok star couldn’t stop gushing over Dixie and said in a “GQ” interview that Dixie is his best friend. Even Dixie always took pride in Noah like how he prioritized everyone else before himself and is so selfless. 

Things were smooth until the break-up rumours surfaced in February 2022. The couple didn’t stop giving insight into their relationship and even didn’t post pictures of each other. But they later clarified that they have been keeping the relationship offline to stay away from unwanted media attention.

But the events started feeling suspicious since Beck didn’t join D’Amellio for her big 21st Las Vega birthday party. It was also around the same time that they put a halt on posting any TikTok together. Still, Dixie maintained the narrative of keeping the relationship offline. But now, the truth is out and the once TikTok power couple chose to go a different way.

Why did Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio Break Up? 

On 10th November 2022, fans finally got the news about Dixie and Noah’s break-up. Earlier during “The D’Amelio Show” in September 2022, we saw Dixie stressing out about the entire situation and sharing it with her parents Heidi and Marc. 

Noah—I don’t know what’s going on with that,” “I feel like I’m very stressed out about the whole situation. We’re not talking right now. We’ve come to that conclusion that we just shouldn’t talk for a little bit, but we’re broken up.”

The fans still had hopes that the couple might patch things up and reconcile yet again but that didn’t seem to go right in the direction they wanted. Dixie even explained the issues that were causing differences between them. Dixie stated that Noah felt like the singer is prioritizing her work more than Noah. She even mentioned how Noah felt like Dixie is not ready to make sacrifices for him as he would do without a thought.

Not that it wasn’t my number one priority, but work is my top priority. And, I mean, a big part of our disagreements is, like, he would get frustrated I wouldn’t, like, make as many sacrifices for him as he would for me,” “I mean, for either of us, it’s gonna be hard.” “I think Noah and I are both on the same page”. 

Finally, the rumours have been addressed by Beck’s representative. She clarified that the couple has chosen to break up but they are still good friends. 

Though you may have thought Dixie and Noah would have lasted through their lifetime, we know it is even heartbreak for you to see your favourite couple separate. We just hope that the lovers can clear their differences and find peace in life.

Last Lines

Things were going well until February 2022, when rumours of a breakup began to spread. The couple never stopped talking about their relationship or posting photos of each other. But they later said that they kept their relationship private to avoid unwanted attention from the press. Stay connected with us on Leedaily.com for further details and the latest updates.

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