Is Chainsaw Man Worth Watching Anime? Find Out Here

The premiere of MAPPA’s anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man has been highly anticipated on social media for weeks. Is Chainsaw Man indeed as good as everyone says it is?

I’ve lost count of how many times the “He’s just like me, fr fr” Denji meme has made the rounds online. Now I really want to see an animated version of it.

Is Chainsaw Man Worth Watching Anime

Is Chainsaw Man Worth Watching Anime?

The two things that Denji craved most in the world were affection and jam on his toast. After dispatching the zombie thugs, he is met by Public Safety Devil Hunter Makima, who offers him an option between two outcomes.

Perish at her hands, and let his corpse rot alongside the zombies. The freshly released debtor Denji obviously opted for the option of buttered and jellied bread, despite the fact that it was still a bad deal. The highlight of their conversation occurs when Makima requests a hug from Denji upon initially confronting him.

As a result of Makima’s indulgence, Denji is able to feel human affection for the first time in a long while, despite his powerful “chainsaw monster” persona. Even if you don’t care about the story, the hug moment between Makima and Denji is enough to convince me that Chainsaw Man is worth your time.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Review

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows that I’m not a huge fan of shonen anime. Yes, I am on the verge of being an obsessed fan of Attack on Titan, but I do think the series has moved beyond the bounds of any single genre.

My passion in life is the art of storytelling, which is why I chose to study film in college. Whether it’s live-action, animation, or some other yet-to-be-discovered form of artistic expression, I want to connect with the characters on screen.

Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to scary movies and psychological thrillers where I always find myself wondering what will happen next to the main characters. I’m not trying to put myself above the typical viewer by pointing out that I prefer character-driven to plot-driven narratives, but learning the mechanics of film and TV production inevitably dulls the experience.

You rapidly stop caring about the characters or the story because of how predictable it all is. If a story comes along, like, say, Ousama Ranking, that can successfully take the trappings of a typical narrative story arc and spin them on their head while paying homage in a satisfactory way, then count me in.

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The Friendship Between Denji and Pochita

In the first five minutes of the pilot, I was already sympathetic toward Denji. It was heartbreaking to see him reduced to selling body parts after a childhood spent without a parent and a lifetime of crippling debt incurred at the hands of a band of unscrupulous yakuza members.

Despite this, the episode’s appeal was cemented by a single move Denji made in response to the cunning yakuza. The two hoodlums talk about Denji’s value on the way to pick him up off the sidewalk. The driver, supposing Denji to be an idiot, offers him the chance to earn some additional money by eating a burning cigarette.

Denji smokes the cigarette without hesitation, only to later make a face about how he’s not that foolish to do anything for money. Happiness is the method behind his apparent insanity.

Denji, at heart, yearns for companionship. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone in a hut on a mountain eating a slice of plain bread; he wants to live a normal life with family, friends, or perhaps a lover. His will to achieve his goal is admirable. Denji wants nothing more than the essential necessities, and that’s all right.

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Denji’s Unfair Death

One night, Denji’s unscrupulous bosses show up and take him to a deserted factory where they plan to kill him. The yakuza apparently bargained with the devil for power, only to be transformed into a zombie as part of the deal.

Although Denji does not survive the battle, Pochita promises to give him his heart if it can bring his aspirations to fruition. With a fresh lease on life, Denji goes on a killing spree against the yakuza zombies who had previously made his life so difficult; it was thrilling to see.

Last Lines

Online fans of MAPPA’s Chainsaw Man anime have been counting down the days until its release for weeks. Does Chainsaw Man live up to the hype?

The “He’s just like me, fr fr” Denji meme has been shared online so many times that I’ve lost track. My want to watch an animated adaptation of it has increased significantly.

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