Ken Jeong Suffering Emotionally As His Wife Fights Cancer #True Love

A well-known American comedian named Ken Jeong is also a gifted artist and devoted family man. His wife, Tran Jeong, is a stunning and motivating woman who positively affects her husband’s life. What else is known about Ken Jeong’s spouse?

Who is Ken Jeong’s Wife?

Fans of celebrities in a variety of industries, including the film industry, sports, modeling, etc., are numerous. Fans of Ken Jeong are also looking for Ken Jeong’s wife right now. As a result, searches for Ken Jeong’s wife and her name were visible. For those fans who are interested in learning more about his height, age, and other details, this article will be useful.

Ken Jeong Wife
Ken Jeong Wife

Ken Jeong is well known for his professional accomplishments. Ken Jeong’s fans are very curious to find out who his wife is or whether he is dating anyone. According to celebrity net worth, Tran Ho is Ken Jeong’s wife. For more information on Ken Jeong’s wife or look at this article to find out who Ken Jeong’s girlfriend is.

Who Is Ken Jong?

An American comedian, actor, producer and writer by the name of Kendrick Kang-Joh Jeong. In addition, like his wife, he holds a medical license. His best-known works include “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Role Models,” “The Hangover” series, “Furry Vengeance” and “Knocked Up.”

Additionally, he appeared on “The Masked Singer” and he created and served as executive producer of the ABC sitcom “Dr. Ken.” Tran Jeong is a remarkable and amazing woman who has overcome many obstacles but they have only strengthened her.

Biography Of Ken Jong’s Wife

On February 24, 1972, Tran Ho was born in the US. She was of Vietnamese and American descent. As of 2021, Tran Jeong will be 49 years old. She was always interested in pursuing a profession in medicine.

Ken Jeong Wife
Ken Jeong Wife

This led her to complete her medical education at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. She obtained a license to practice medicine after graduating. She has about 20 years of experience as a family doctor. Her home and place of employment are both in California.

Relation Of Ken Jong And Her Wife

While employed by Kaiser Permanente in West California, Tran Ho and Ken Jeong became friends. Their initial relationship began in 2002. In addition to being an actor, Ken is a licensed doctor who opted to give up his medical job after becoming famous in later life to pursue acting.

Tran Ho and Ken Jeong dated for two years before getting engaged. The couple got married in a lovely ceremony in September 2004. A lot of amazing things occurred in 2007: Ken started working as an actor full-time and his wife gave birth to Zooey and Alexa, two stunning kids.

Ken Is Suffering Emotionally As His Wife Fights Cancer

But for the family, things quickly altered in 2008. When Tran Jeong unintentionally felt a lump in her left breast, she initially paid it little mind. In addition, her family had no history of breast cancer. When the bump started hurting four months later, she made the decision to get it checked out.

Ken Jeong Wife
Ken Jeong Wife

Although the benign was removed, the situation was not yet ended. She eventually received a call informing her that she had triple-negative breast cancer. Ken, her husband, tried to be strong for her as he arrived but he later acknowledged that he had shed tears on the drive to the hospital.

Chemotherapy was a protracted and intensive part of Tran’s treatment. After the initial round of chemotherapy, her oncologist was upbeat since they believed her tumor was responding nicely to the medication.

She underwent numerous surgeries, including radiation, mastectomy and chemotherapy. She talked about how every woman needs to be alert for any suspicious activity in her breast and get checked if there is anything alarming after being cured of breast cancer.

She acknowledged that receiving treatment had improved her as a doctor and made her more modest. She gained a greater understanding of herself and her patients through this role reversal. She had to take a medical board exam which is crucial for doctors while undergoing chemotherapy.

Ken, her husband, remembers how composed and in control she was that day and how she ultimately aced the exam. Moreover, he praised his wife as a hero. Tran was still a new mother when she received her cancer diagnosis and it was difficult for her to battle the illness while also caring for her daughters.

Positive ideas would occasionally intrude and shake her confidence. She knew she already had a wonderful life and family, so she felt certain that she would survive. Since Ken is a comic, even the worst situations could be amused by him and his wife. He claims that this is what gets them through life, what helped them get through such a trying time and what enables them to see the end of the dark tunnel.

Viet Ho Despite their relationship’s ups and downs, Ken Jeong is immensely thankful for his wife’s health and happiness right now. Ken Jeong values his wife and children above everything else and considers them to be his family.

Ken Jeong Wife
Ken Jeong Wife

What Is The Net Worth Of Ken Jeong?

Since Ken Jeong has become more well-known, his estimated net worth is given here. His net worth, according to celebrity net worth, is projected to be $14 million. Tran Ho and Ken Jeong are happily married and cohabiting.

Ken Jeong Height And Age

According to his biography, Ken Jeong is 1.66 meters tall. Where one wishes to pursue aspirations, age is the primary consideration. You might as well be curious about Ken Jeong’s age. It’s true that everyone claims that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to start over. On July 13, 1969, Ken Jeong was born. He is 53 years old right now.

Final Lines

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