“Love Is Blind”: Why Bartise Wants a Future With Nancy After Not Saying “I Do” At Wedding

The third season of “Love Is Blind” has introduced us to many potential couples but only a few successfully lasted through the experiment. “Love Is Blind” Season 3 premiered with 15 men and 15 women from Dallas Texas for the speed dating experiment in “Pods”.

Amidst all other options, Nancy and Bartise were one such couple whose love made a lot of headlines. Their relationship wasn’t that smooth even when it started. But the former pair chose to trust the process and continue with the experiment.

It seems like Nancy was trying her best Bartise was just not having it. Ultimately, Nancy took her vows seriously and said “I do”, however, Bartise didn’t say “I Do” at his wedding and the relationship got messier. 

Keeping all the drama aside, Bartise is still hoping for a future with Nancy. Why so and is the rumour really true? Well, it seems that the onscreen flame might not be over with their romance yet. 

Nancy and Bartise Had Drama in Their Relationship

If you have watched “Love Is Blind” Season 3, you already know that Nancy wasn’t Bartise’s first choice. The accountant was initially interested in Raven but then he chose Nancy. After the “Love Is Blind” Season 3 reunion, Bartise has the reputation of a mean and heartless man.

He even shared how he just moved on with a tall blonde the very next day after rejecting Nancy at the altar. This was insensitive of him to share since the woman who was supposed to be his wife was crying her heart out and he was boasting about his not-so-important achievement.

Love Is Blind Why Bartise Wants a Future With Nancy
Love Is Blind Why Bartise Wants a Future With Nancy

However, both Nancy and Bartise joined in a recent interview with E! News, and much more details were shared. Bartise claimed that he never had a clear decision in his mind until he was standing at the altar.

He stated that Nancy contributed to this indecisiveness that ended up with him feeling frustrated and not confident about the relationship. He even shared a shocking unknown detail that the fans wouldn’t have guessed. 

Bartise revealed, “Both answers were a possibility on the wedding day. I felt that for both of us. Nancy told me straight up, before the wedding, that she was going to say no to me. That scared me a little bit and encouraged me to remind myself who I fell in love with in the pods.”

Nancy further went on to argue that their relationship had a drastic change halfway through “Love Is Blind” Season 3. That’s why she thought about saying no. However, the twist comes when Nancy reveals how she informed Bartise weeks before the wedding that she will be saying no.

And it was Bartise who pleaded to give him a second chance. Thus, she proceeded to give this relationship a try and said yes only to get turned down by Bartise on the wedding day.

Bartise Wants Another Chance With Nancy

Undoubtedly, Bartise is not a man who thinks about how his actions can have negative repercussions on the other person involved in the process. One of his biggest and most controversial moments was when he confessed how he was constantly thinking about Raven.

He even went ahead to say that he wanted to reconsider his decision after meeting Raven face-to-face for the first time. And he ensured that it remains no secret. He called Raven to be a “smoke show” and “gorgeous” while being committed to Nancy. During the interview, he stated that it was kind of “insensitive” of him to say it then. He proceeded to say that he was embarrassed to see how things went then. 

Bartise was asked if he could see a future friendship with ex-Nancy, and he didn’t think twice before saying that he is hopeful. He said, “We went through so much together. That’s a unique, shared experience that we’re always going to have. I do always want her to be part of my life. I hope that she feels the same way.”

But Nancy is not interested for obvious reasons. She even claimed that she is extremely thankful about Bartise did not say “I do” because he would have been a half-ass husband. Her words suggested that she wants nothing to do with Bartise despite him extending the hand of reconciliation.

So, Nancy and Bartise will never be back together after her explosive interviews in “Love Is Blind” Season 3 reunion and other media outlets. Their relationship may not have worked here but we wish them all the best in finding their future partner.

Last Lines

In season three of the Netflix dating show, Bartise Bowden broke up with Nancy Rodriguez when he didn’t want to marry her on their wedding day. Now, the two are trying to figure out what went so wrong. Stay tuned with us on Leedaily.com for more information and comment in the comment section given below.

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