What Does the Term Nincompoop Mean in Enola Holmes?

The Enola Holmes films on Netflix relate the story of the eponymous detective, but they also include a dash of romance thanks to the presence of the young Viscount Tewkesbury.

The film’s protagonist, Enola, wastes little time in making fun of Tewkesbury from the moment they meet; she famously labels him a “nincompoop” after discovering him in a suitcase while stowing away on a train.

Since then, Enola Holmes has taken to calling Tewkesbury “nincompoop” as a sort of pet name, but what does this insulting term actually mean?

What is the Meaning of Nincompoop in Enola Holmes?

The term “nincompoop” is used to describe someone who is extremely naive or clueless. Although the precise origins of nincompoop are questioned, the Online Etymology Dictionary claims that the term was originally coined in the 1600s.

The Latin phrase “non-compos mentis,” meaning “mad or mentally incompetent,” is very similar to this English word. In any case, the Oxford English Dictionary disproves of the link. It’s also possible that the word comes from a person’s name; the French word for “fool” actually comes from the name Nicodemus.

In the beginning of their adventures, Enola calls Tewkesbury a nincompoop as an insult, but as their friendship develops, she starts calling him “nincompoop” in a more playful way.

Enola’s Pet Name for Tewkesbury

In the debut film starring Enola Holmes, the budding detective has to flee from her elder brother Mycroft before he sends her away to finish school, so she decides to hit the rails.

While sitting in an empty car, she discovers the young Viscount Tewkesbury hiding in a suitcase from the man chasing him, named Linthorn.

When Enola first meets Tewkesbury, he surprises her, and she ends up calling him a nincompoop during their heated first conversation together.

A running joke between the two develops around the moniker at the end of the film when Enola tells Tewkesbury he looks like “the nincompoop you were born to be” outside the House of Lords.

Enola refers to Tewkesbury as a “nincompoop” multiple times during the sequel, both in her opening address and in several pivotal sequences later on.

What Does the Term Nincompoop Mean in Enola Holmes

Do Enola and Tewkesbury End Up Together?

It’s true that by the end of Enola Holmes 2, Enola is engaged to Tewkesbury. In the first few minutes of the new film, we see that Enola is trying to hide her affection for Tewkesbury so that she can find her footing in the world on her own.

When Tewkesbury is on his way to the House of Lords, he and Enola run into each other in a park, and it soon becomes clear that Enola has been frequenting the park in order to keep an eye out for the viscount.

Later in the film, Enola and William Lyon’s paths cross again when she attends a ball in the hopes of asking a man named William Lyon about her current inquiry but realizes that she must first dance with him to do it.

Luckily, Tewkesbury is there to give Enola an impromptu dance lesson, and during this time, the chemistry between the two of them is rekindled. Enola runs away to Tewkesbury after getting in difficulty with the law, and during their most recent encounter, they awkwardly confess their emotions for one another.

Enola’s investigation is proceeding, and Tewkesbury is there to help. He ends up being a major resource for both Enola and Sherlock. After the viscount asks Enola to teach him how to fight and defend himself, the two eventually share a kiss in the carriage on the way to the theater where the climactic showdown takes place.

The film concludes with Tewkesbury giving Enola a bouquet of flowers and strolling through London with her at his side as they joke about a ball to which Tewkesbury has been invited and Holmes once again refers to him as a nincompoop.

Final Lines

Enola Holmes 2 premiered on Netflix on November 4, 2022, and it is currently accessible to stream.

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