Fortnite Chapter 4: Release Date, Battle Pass And More!

Now that less than a month remains in Season 4 of Fortnite, it’s time to start thinking about what’s to come in Chapter 4. The next season’s details are still sketchy, for example, we have no idea if it will be Chapter 3 Season 5 or Chapter 4 Season 1.

However, there is no shortage of speculation, and datamining has uncovered some information that may or may not be significant. There is a lot to talk about, from possible release dates to speculation about battle passes. Here’s the lowdown on everything we know for sure about Fortnite Season 8.

Details On The Upcoming Fortnite Season That Have Been made public

In a nutshell, “nothing,” since Epic hasn’t announced or even hinted at anything. We do know, though, that this season will wrap up on the first weekend of December, and that the next one will begin just a few days later.

When Is Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1–or Is It Chapter 3 Season 5?

On Sunday, December 4, a new season of Fortnite will begin. However, there is a peculiar twist to this. The timer on The Herald’s quests now suggests that they will continue for another two weeks after that date.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Release Date, Battle Pass And More!
Fortnite Chapter 4 Release Date, Battle Pass And More!

Since The Herald is a part of the current battle pass, and battle pass quests typically don’t last longer than the length of the actual battle pass, this would be an exceptional occurrence.

The Upcoming Season Can Be Postponed. Or Was It A Mistake?

There’s a high likelihood that this is just an oversight, given the battle pass expiration date was just moved from December 3 to December 2. (more on why they did this in a moment). If the timetable provided by The Herald’s quest was accurate, Epic would have likely pushed out the conclusion of the battle pass by two weeks. Yet it didn’t happen.

The new battle pass end date probably indicates that we’ll have a live event to close up the season on the afternoon of Saturday, December 3, after which the game will be unavailable for 12 hours or more and will likely return on Sunday morning. They changed the date in-game to reflect this fact, making Friday, December 2 the final day to get a Season 4 battle pass.

Do we have a Chapter 3 Season 5 Or A Chapter 4 Season 1 Coming Up For Fortnite?

Chapter 1 of Fortnite ran for 10 seasons, while Chapter 2 lasted for 8. In that case, why do people assume that after only four seasons, Chapter 3 will conclude? Well, dataminers noticed a new “launch option” called Asteria in the files right before the current season started.

Athena, Apollo, and Artemis have all been “launch choices” in the past, but you probably know them better as the locations of the final boss fights in each chapter. Artemis is the present island; Athena was the first one and Apollo was the second.

This means that another ancient Greek goddess, Asteria (whose name also begins with “A”), will bring in a brand new Fortnite map and Chapter. Since Fortnite has already been around for five years, there is some sense in having new chapters released every year.

Nonetheless, this is still data that was mined, and its interpretation should be treated with caution. Also, it might not mean anything at all.

Can We See Fortnite Creative 2.0 In The Upcoming Season?

Dataminers claim that Epic is now testing the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) for inclusion in the upcoming Fortnite 23.00 update, the patch that will launch the new season in December, therefore the answer to that question is currently yes.

Considering that Creative 2.0 has been speculated to release in December, the announcement comes as no great surprise. With a more robust set of tools, developers may be able to build entire games within Fortnite, similar to Sony’s Dreams.

That has the potential to transform Fortnite into a platform rather than a game in the long run.It would be relatively usual fare for the tech sector to attach such a modification to a whole new chapter in order to push the illusion that a new age for Fortnite has arrived. But time will tell.

For The Upcoming season, what new information have we learned?

The data have hinted at multiple mechanics, including bikes and rideable skateboards, for quite some time. As an example, Fortnite‘s major summer festival may have included skateboarding; after all, a skatepark was built in the island’s easternmost bay specifically for this purpose.

Similarly, the existence of rideable flying creatures has been speculated upon for some time. And let’s not forget the much-talked-about first-person perspective. Nobody has told us whether or not that stuff is meant for the Creative 2.0 toolkit, or whether it’s meant for the battle royale mode.

What Will The Season Of Fortnite Be About?

To my surprise, the current season hasn’t got any new story objectives since opening day. For that reason, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the remaining weeks of this season, let alone next year.
On the other hand, here we are at the moment: The spread of chrome around the island is being orchestrated by The Herald, a scary plant lady. In the Bytes missions, we heard the voice of an entity named The Nothing, for whom the Herald works.

The Herald and The Nothing both have ties to The Last Reality, the origin of the evil cubes seen in earlier chapters. The trailer for the next season suggests that all of the good people were chromed except for Brie Larson’s new Paradigm, who disappeared to a dimension known only as Reality-659. Since then, she hasn’t been in touch with us at all.

If the season finale is a real event, it will entail The Herald’s final drive to totally chrome up the island, and the Paradigm’s attempt to avoid using whatever she brings back from Reality-659. Perhaps The Herald will have more luck if a new Chapter and map are on the way, with the new island being one jumbled by the chrome, like the black hole was between Chapters 1 and 2.

With so little information even about the near future, speculating on what the next season has in store for us is a fool’s errand, especially with so many loose plot threads out there, the most important of which is the fate of major antagonists like the Cube Queen, who hasn’t been seen since the end of Chapter 2 Season 8, and Geno, the cosmic dude behind the IO, about whom we have heard nothing since we reclaimed the island from them in Chapter 3 Season 2.

The Zero War comic, meanwhile, presented the events of Season 2 of Chapter 3 as though they were another Marvel season, replete with a superhero-filled version of the Collision live event (which was not featured in the game itself).

Fortnite Chapter 4 Release Date, Battle Pass And More!
Fortnite Chapter 4 Release Date, Battle Pass And More!

Even though the event’s climax—the Foundation and Jonesey heading after Geno—was billed as a cliffhanger, the comic reveals that they locate Geno a mere five seconds later. The Imagined then snatches him up and leaps into the Zero Point, disintegrating them but critically not killing either of them in the process.
Do we have a chance of catching up with Geno soon? How about the Cube Queen, is she still around? Is The Nothing an opposing force to The Last Reality or a facet of it? Does canon provide an explanation for why Zero War is totally incongruous with the plot of Fortnite? Any of these could be the focus of the upcoming season.

What’s In Store For The Upcoming Battle Pass In Fortnite?

So yes, there have been no leaks or speculations regarding the battle pass for the upcoming season. Based on his appearance in the Zero War comic, fans have recognised a player’s skin from an earlier survey as being Geno, and if this is the case, he will likely be included in a future battle pass. If he’s going to play a role in the tale, “eventually” may mean the upcoming season.

We have no other information at this time about the upcoming season’s battle pass. As the weeks move into days, and then into hours before the new season—or is it chapter?—we’ll be updating this tale. Fortnite’s future plans will be revealed at a later date.

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