“Netflix Dragon Age: Absolution Anime” Receives New Trailer and Release Date

When it comes to Anime, we have seen so many incredible shows in the recent past and it looks like something extraordinary is coming our way, very soon. As “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution Anime” receives a new trailer, anime fans around the world can’t keep calm.

It is that time of the year again when BioWare has started cooking some serious heat with their new and exciting Dragon Age series of games. Dreadwolf is in production already and if you are someone who is waiting for a new story based on Thedas, it doesn’t look like you will have to wait a lot.

With “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime getting a new trailer, we are sure the storied franchise is in good hands. Full of blood magic glory, Dragon Age with the new trailer and new story, looks nothing less than exciting. 

“Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime receives new trailer has dropped

Now that “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime receives a new trailer, if you are someone who hasn’t watched it yet, it’s time that you go and check out this latest trailer. A lot of the harsh issues concerning Thedas have been addressed in the trailer of Dragon Age and it will not fail to intrigue and excite you.

You will get to see the issues between the elves and the humans and the way the story progresses, it will make sure to grab your attention from the very beginning. One of the main elven characters, Miriam explains how elves have always been treated differently. He says, “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t someone else’s property.”

Netflix's Dragon Age Absolution Anime Receives New Trailer
Netflix’s Dragon Age Absolution Anime Receives New Trailer

As “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime receives a new trailer, it will also take the audience through the goodness we have seen previously in lore. A lot more can be seen in this new trailer, Templars and mages can be seen in their full statures but more about the show is still yet to be discovered. As the tension rises between the two factions in this rendition, the excitement keeps growing around them. 

When it comes to Netflix, they have summarized the title as “With great power at stake, a group of rebel mages and thieves goes head-to-head against a sinister force possessing a dangerous artifact.” The mentioned artifact on the other hand is the Curriculum Infinitus, the reference to the “one Ring” we have seen in the Lord of the Rings.

We see the artifact, the ring, and how it would look when it is infused with a snake motif and blood. As of now, it looks like the fans are not happy with just that now. They want to see more of Dragon Age and want to know when they can see more than just the trailer.

What is the Release Date of “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime? How Many Episodes are Going To Be There

“Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime received a new trailer and the streaming company has built anticipation around it exactly in the right manner. As per the creators, it is all ready to release on December 9, 2022. “Dragon Age: Absolution” anime hints that we also get to know that there will be six episodes in total.

When the show is getting released on Netflix, the policy follows that all six episodes will be released together on the same date, December 9, 2022. Fans who have been eagerly waiting ever since “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” anime will get to watch the entire story in one sitting as it releases. With the announcement of the trailer, Netflix took to Twitter and simply said, “Welcome to Miriam’s story” along with the trailer to the show.

The hype surrounding the “Dragon Age: Absolution” anime is something of a different level. Of course, you can expect more news to come our way on Dragon Age Day, the annual community celebration of all things Dragon Age that happens on December 4, every year.

Not only can we expect more info about Dragon Age: Absolution anime, but we can also hope for some news surrounding the fourth Dragon Age game called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Are you looking forward to the release of “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution”?


If you haven’t seen “Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution” yet, you should go watch this new trailer if you haven’t already. The trailer for Dragon Age talks about a lot of the bad things that are happening in Thedas, and it will definitely keep you interested and excited.

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