When Will Bravo Premiere The Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion? Explore More Details

Fans of Below Deck Med Season 7 said it was one of the worst in the history of the Bravo reality TV yacht franchise. But devoted Below Deck fans still want to see season 7 through to the end. They demand an explanation for the improper conduct of several crew members.

Tonight at 8 PM Eastern, Bravo will broadcast the season 7 finale. The air date of the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode has not been formally announced by Bravo, however, it has been confirmed that it was filmed.

The cast of Below Deck Med season 7’s reunion episode’s outfits was made public by Bravo. Indirectly stated in the story were two cast members who did not watch the Andy Cohen-hosted reunion episode. Natasha Webb, Chief Stew who was relentlessly teased by fans the entire season, skipped the reunion. Many fans will be frustrated that she won’t have to face consequences for her role as Chef Dave and her laziness.


Less unexpectedly, Jason Gaskell declined to appear in the reunion show after leaving the previous season early. After criticising his poor edit on the show, Jason cancelled his Instagram account.

Bosun Raygan Tyler, who had been sacked, unexpectedly joined the reunion episode in the meanwhile. Because Captain Sandy Yawn was the worst supervisor they had ever encountered, fans dubbed Raygan a plant for her.

Captain Sandy, Chef Dave White, Stew Natalya Scudder, Stew Kyle Viljoen, Replacement Stew Elena Dubaich, Bosun Storm Smith, Deckhands Zee Dempers, Courtney Veale, and Reid Jenkins were among the other members of the superyacht Home Malta crew who joined the reunion virtually via webcams.

When Below Deck Med Reunion Is Likely To Air On Bravo?

The Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode will most likely air on Bravo on Monday, Nov. 21 at either 7 or 9 PM EST. The reality television network has already confirmed that the premiere of Below Deck season 10 will air that Monday at 8 PM.

The reunion episode of Below Deck Med always airs one week following the conclusion. (Except for seasons 1 and 2, which lacked reunion episodes.) The precise timing of the reunion show for season 7 has not been announced by Bravo. The network did, however, confirm that the reunion episode had already been shot.

It’s safe to assume Bravo will limit the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion to one part due to the low popularity of this season and the absence of some cast members. Previous reunions have occasionally included two parts or episodes.

When Is The Below Deck Med Season 7 Finale And Reunion?

Many followers of the Bravo yachting reality TV series Below Deck Mediterranean have found season 7 to be a chore to watch, but fans are still curious about what happened to the cast.

What what transpired between Chief Stew Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White, and did they hook up? What happened to Kyle Viljoen and Frank, the charter visitor? Why was Jason Gaskell so despised by the men on the deck? Fans deserve some type of closure after devoting this many weeks to watching the season.

The Below Deck Med season 7 finale will air on Bravo at the following time. Bravo also revealed who might not attend the reunion episode from Below Deck Med season 7!

Below Deck Med Reunion Season 7
Below Deck Med Reunion Season 7

The final chapter of Below Deck Med season 7 begins in episode 18, “Stuck in the Griddle with You,” where Elena Dubaich, a new stew replacement, joins the crew and Dominique Easley and Jordan Reed, two former NFL players, are charter guests aboard the superyacht Home. On November 14th, Bravo will telecast the season finale, episode 19, with the title

Finally, the identical episode of the final charter closing up finishes each Below Deck season finale. Thus, episode 19 will serve as the season finale and will be broadcast on Bravo on November 14 at 8 p.m. EST. This was revealed by Bravo after episode 18 of Below Deck Med season 7. It went on to become the second-longest season in the history of the spinoff, and many fans feel it to be the worst one yet.

Bravo Announces the Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion Episode

Except for seasons 1 and 4, where there were no reunion episodes, the Below Deck Med reunion episode has always been released one week following the finale episode. Therefore, the reunion episode for Below Deck Med season 7 will probably air on November 21, the same day as Below Deck season 10 debuts.

The reunion episode will most likely show immediately after or an hour before the season 10 debut because Bravo said Below Deck season 10 breaths of air at the 8 p.m. EST time slot.

Bravo probably had a hard time convincing Jason, Rayan Tyler, Natasha, and Kyle to attend the cast reunion. Only Natasha and Jason, it seems, were unable to attend the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion show, according to Bravo’s most recent report on the reunion’s attire. A short while after criticising the show’s producers for a poor cut, Jason cancelled his Instagram account.

His not joining the crew is therefore not at all surprising, especially because the deck crew shunned him. As a result of her claimed laziness in acting, leading Chef Dave White, and leadership, Natasha was pounded by fans on social media.

Surprisingly, Kyle and Raygan showed up to the reunion episode together.

A thrilling climax is promised in the finale preview. After the last charter, the crew becomes extremely inebriated and mischievous yachties cause mayhem. Reid Jenkins and the brand-new stew Elena appear to be going on a boat date. Along with Courtney Veale, Natasha also acts erratically drunk. Storm and Natalya’s hopeless love is also hit by another squall.

What to expect from Episode 19?

This Monday will mark the conclusion of Below Deck Mediterranean’s seventh season. Additionally, there will be trouble in paradise between Natalya and bosun Storm and a significant drama between chef Dave and chief stew Natasha.


Let’s Bring It Home, the final episode of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, has the following official synopsis:

“The crew welcomes their final day of the charter with exhaustion and exhilaration. Dave faces a new challenge as he tries to accommodate a guest’s specific food request. Elena finds herself running behind.”

It further stated:

“After reflecting on her past relationships, Natasha has some major realizations about herself. Storm and Natalya navigate the end of the season and their relationship after a toast gone wrong. As the charter season comes to an end, the crew has their wildest night yet.”

The promo for the forthcoming episode showed Dave reviewing the earlier DMs Natasha’s ex-boyfriend had written to him. The chef was upset when her ex-boyfriend referred to Dave in the message as a “bully,” especially because Natasha concurred.

In a confessional, Dave said:

“I am still so infuriated, this guy being on Instagram, calling me a bully, and Tash (Natasha) agreed to that. This whole time she just thought I was, uh, an absolute animal.”


In a later confessional, the head stew was seen acknowledging that her personal life had hindered her profession over the entire season. On this yacht, she discovered that she was at the “lowest” point. How well Dave and Natasha get along again will only become clear with time.

Reid and Elena were seen dancing intimately in the episode 19 preview, which also featured the entire cast on their last night out. Natalya and Kyle, who had a love-hate relationship during season 7, reconciled.

Bravo will debut new episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 on Monday at 8:00 PM ET.

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