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Spy X Family Episode 19 Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

Spy X Family Episode 19 Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 19 Release Date

Spy X Family victims this fall, fasten your seat belts. Even better things are on the horizon for you. However, it appears that the Desmonds have been murdered again. Sure, audiences may expect to see a fresh face on TV soon. Back in the pilot, Anya manages to get through the test on her own. Loid was about to give up on Anya.

In fact, he was prepared to alter her grades in the event that she did poorly. But in the end, he didn’t have to travel that far. Well done, Anya! Loid can continue his work now. That much is certain now. To save the world, Anya doesn’t require Esper’s abilities. But she still has a long way to go. Learn all about the plot and airtime for Episode 19 of Spy X Family right here!

Spy X Family Episode 19 Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 19 Release Date

The nineteenth episode of Spy X Family, titled “A Revenge Plot Against Desmond/Mama Becomes the Wind,” will air on November 12, 2022. As with previous episodes, it will initially air on Netflix in some Asian territories before making its way to Crunchyroll for viewers everywhere else. Since the new episode is being released everywhere at the same time, below are the local air times:

Episode 19 will broadcast later this week, and previews have already been revealed. In one scene, Anya is shown standing next to Damian; in another, Loid is seen keeping an eye on someone, and in yet another, Anya’s classmates are heard yelling. Information previously withheld will be revealed this coming Saturday when the show airs. Below is a brief summary of what happened in Episode 18 of Spy X Family in the meantime, in case you missed anything.

Recap Of Spy X Family Episode 18

It’s almost time for midterms, but Anya is freaking out since the moon is full, which means she can’t read minds. Now she has to figure out how to cheat. Later that day, Yor enlists Yuri’s assistance in tutoring Anya, while Loid assists Anya directly. Yuri tries his best to teach her, but eventually gives up in frustration; in response, Yor urges him to have patience.

When he finds out that Anya doesn’t give a hoot about the school, he tries to inspire her by telling her about the challenges he had as a kid. But nothing helps, and eventually, Yoid gives up and goes elsewhere. Anya is so committed to aiding Loid that she has continued her individual study.

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Cut to Loid, who has assumed a false identity in order to enter the school and check on Anya’s progress. Then he realizes there’s another amateur spy at the school, and because of the breadcrumbs he’s leaving behind, Loid has to watch his every move to avoid getting in trouble himself.

Loid protects Daybreak from being caught by the vault guard by claiming to find Daybreak’s ID and then presenting a false ID. Moreover, Loid observes that the mission’s specifics are written on his hand, which may reveal some information about the Desmond brothers. After Daybreak strikes Loid, he tries to pass himself off as comatose, and then, once he’s gone, he ratifies the revisions made to the Desmont brothers’ documents and checks out Anya’s.

When exam day finally rolls around, Anya finds out she passed and placed 213th. She believes Loid will be pleased with her performance, but he surprises her by criticizing her for coming so close to failing. Finally, he refrains from criticizing her for making an effort. Daybreak is disappointed in himself at the end of the episode because of his failed goal.

Last Lines

Spy X Family’s nineteenth episode, “A Revenge Plot Against Desmond/Mama Becomes the Wind,” will air on November 12, 2022. The episode will premiere on Netflix in select Asian territories, as with previous episodes, before moving to Crunchyroll for viewers elsewhere.

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