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Bang Dream Anime Season 2: Everything We Know About Cast, Episodes and More

Bang Dream Anime Season 2

Bang Dream Anime Season 2

“Bang Dream” is a popular anime and throughout the story, it has managed to keep the audience engaged and hooked till the end. Based on the students and the life they are having in their school, “Bang Dream” is widely popular. The craze amongst fans from all over the world is enough to verify its worth. “Bang Dream” anime season 2 has managed to keep the high hopes intact of the fans for years now.

What makes the “Bang Dream” anime season 2 important is that it is the 3rd and final season of the series. The kids are involved with their high school band – Poppin’ Party and throughout the story we get around the lives of these kids and how in the centre, there’s always the band. “Bang Dream” anime season 2 is also part of the “Bang Dream” franchise and Bushiroad developed the season in January 2015.

“Bang Dream” season 2 got hugely famous among anime lovers and throughout the series, the audience was rewarded with a lot of engaging events. As more and more people got hooked on the show, the franchise decided to come up with a mobile rhythm game called, “Bang Dream! Girls Band Party.”

The game was released both for android and iOS and was developed by the CraftEgg studios. The Japanese version of the “Bang Dream” season 2 -the inspired game was published by Bushiroad in March 2017 and the English version was released a year later. With over 10 million downloads worldwide, much like Bang Dream season 2, this has also got hugely popular.

Story of “Bang Dream” Anime Season 2: Has It Been Renewed?

After the success of the first season, the announcement was made regarding “Bang Dream” seasons 2 and 3. The announcement was made on May 14, 2018, at the 5th Bang Dream LIVE event. With the ever-growing popularity and appreciation worldwide, Sentai Filmworks announced a dub for “Bang Dream” season 2 on November 16, 2019.

When it comes to the story of “Bang Dream” season 2, narrates the life journey of Kasumi and the other members of the Poppin’ Party. As they start their life in the second year, almost everyone gets busy with student council work, the daily life of school lessons and chores, and even part-time jobs. 

Bang Dream Anime Season 2

The members are hardly getting time to connect and get around in the basement, their base. They fear the worst with Poppin’ Party’s future and wonder what to do. As the story goes on, a new girl appears in a brand new encounter that takes the story to a different angle.

In the “Bang Dream” season 2, we also get to see the unchanging bonds between the girls along with the appearance of Afterglow, Pastel Palettes, Roselia, and Hello Happy World. Throughout the “Bang Dream” anime season 2, we see the exciting personality and fascinating talents of each member.

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“Bang Dream” Anime Season 2 Cast and Music

Bang Dream season 2 has a cast very similar to the first season who is ready for a major comeback. In addition to that, we see other familiar faces as follows.

The opening songs of the Bang Dream season 2 are Kizuna Music and Brave Jewel. The ending songs of the show are Jumpin, Safe and Sound, and Kizuna Music. We see this music by Poppin’ Party and Roselia. 

“Bang Dream” Anime Season 2 Episodes

There is a total of 13 episodes in the “Bang Dream”  season 2. But how to follow up with the season? Well, the names of the episodes are 

 Final Words

All the seasons including “Bang Dream” season 2 have been released and people have thoroughly enjoyed the show, as much as they have loved the music of Poppin’ Party and the girls. If you haven’t watched it, start watching as soon as possible.

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