‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Sneak Peek: Captain Lee Reunited With Familiar Faces Amid Hookups, Fights, and Evacuation

Is this the quiet before the storm? Season 10 of Below Deck will feature stormy waters as Captain Lee gets used to his new crew. St. Lucia is the most stunning Caribbean island. From the ocean’s edge to the peak, the landscape is a lush, verdant green.

Us Weekly has an exclusive look at the season’s cold open before the launch on November 21. The Bravo personality raves, “And it is lush — it is just out of a postcard.” A tumultuous season is in store for the Michigan native, who predicts, “I have been a captain 37 years.” No one wants to do “captain s—t,” but everyone wants to be a captain.

Audiences get quick glimpses of a few of the new and returning cast members who will be joining the St. David this season. Chef Fraser Olender is coming back to Below Deck to take over for Heather Chase as the chief stew, and chef Rachel Hargrove will be returning for a third season as well.

Newcomers Hayley De Sola Pinto and Alissa Humber round out the interior crew. The exterior will be managed by bosun Ross McHarg and deckhands Luis Antonio ‘Tony’ Duarte, Ben Willoughby, and Katie Glaser. Newcomer Camille Lamb, a deckhand and stew, will make history in Season 10 as the first of her kind.

‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Sneak Peek
‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Sneak Peek

Despite romances blossoming among the crew, injuries, and the possibility of an evacuation, Captain Lee strives to provide the best possible experience for the charter guests throughout the film. One of the original cast members may be leaving the hit Bravo series, as was intimated in the season 10 trailer.

However, Lee’s ex-co-star Kate Chastain dispelled rumours that this upcoming 10th season will be his final. That guy keeps coming back. This month, she predicted on the “Unfiltered” podcast that Captain Lee would remain on Below Deck for as long as the show lasted. A competent captain, like Captain Lee, “goes down with the ship” in a metaphorical sense.

The Floridian said, “There is a change that happens in the new season of Below Deck airing this autumn on Bravo. Previous seasons have never seen anything like that occur. Sometimes Captain Lee might not even be the captain.

The health of Captain Lee had been in question before, in season 8, after he injured his ribs while taking a shower. And because of a heart operation, he was a few days late for the start of season 9.

The timing was off in a major way. It was crucial that the visitors’ charters begin and conclude on time to prevent any ripple effects, he explained to E! News in August of 2021. Below Deck Season 7 premieres on Bravo on Monday, November 21 at 8 p.m. ET.

Below Deck’s tenth season features the following actors and actresses.

Lee Rosbach, Captain

The captain admits that following Season 9, his expectations were “so far out of the f—king park” during a confessional. As a result of Kate’s departure, the reality star will be reunited with Rachel and Fraser, but Eddie Lucas will no longer be appearing in new episodes.

Rachel Hargrove

The Florida native admits, “After all these years I have kind of become the mercenary chef,” in an honest interview. To paraphrase, “I’m just coming in to kill some sh*t and be the bitch that gets you smashed.”

Rachel’s announcement that she was leaving the series in July following the production of season 10 made headlines. The chef did not attend BravoCon with her employees in New York City three months later.

F. Olender Fraser

Fraser was first seen by viewers in season 9 as the second stew. The Englishman will now oversee the interior after gaining experience under chief stew Heather, Jessica Albert, and Kaylee Milligan. “Extreme drama ensues. We’ve got an intriguing chemistry, but we’ve had a good season “during the October BravoCon, he teased Kate during an interview.

McHarg, Ross

“When you put in the time on a yacht, that’s the time you put in the time. The ability to play aggressively is a prerequisite “In the prologue, the bosun provides some background. We do our best to maintain professionalism, but there have been times when I’ve crossed the line.

Ross, originally from the United Kingdom, spent more than a decade seeing the globe before turning his attention to yachting, as stated in his bio. Ross develops relationships with several of the team members, including Rachel, as seen in the clip.

De Sola Pinto, Hayley

Hayley states in the prologue that she has been called a “sensational gorgeous hot mess” by those around her. According to her bio, the stew is an experienced professional in the field of aesthetics who finds great pleasure in traveling the world via yacht.

Alisa Humber

In the season 10 preview, her personality was hinted at through the stew. “In no uncertain terms, I am a flirtatious person. Being the center of attention on a yacht is an f—king dream “Alissa included a few clips of her PDA with a few members of the crew.

The Florida native worked as a stowaway for two years before appearing on Below Deck, and she used her downtime to go kayaking and hiking.

Lamb, Camille

Camille tells the cameras before Season 10 begins, “I am a small-town Mississippi gal.” I have a large personality and a passion for twerking. Camille started sailing when she was nine years old, per her bio. The newcomer has spent her leisure time trying out for American Idol and thinking about a future in music. As for Camille, she’ll be spending time both outside and indoors.

‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Sneak Peek
‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Sneak Peek

“Tony” Luis Antonio Duarte

“Basically, I can carry everything I own in a backpack. Anything that can’t be carried in a backpack has to go “In the opening sequence, the deckhand provides some background information. It’s all about the memories, man.

The Costa Rican is proficient in multiple water sports, having worked as a diving master, whale-watching guide, and zip-liner. Tony enjoys cliff jumping, fishing, and riding the waves.

Willoughby, Ben

The Australian native’s childhood pal encouraged him to pursue a career in yachting. Ben became skilled as a deckhand and fitness instructor after joining a yacht in the year 2020.

Katie Glaser

“You’ll likely feel like you have extra responsibility as a woman on the deck. Despite my attractive appearance, I am a skilled performer “a member of the exterior crew was the target of the confessional tease.

Katie’s bio states that she uprooted her life in Colorado for a taste of the yachting lifestyle in Florida. The newcomer had a past as a stew but is now set on achieving an external role.

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