Candace Cameron Bure Calls Bigot Hilarie Burton Criticises “You Ride A Wave Of Prejudice”

not holding back. After Candace Cameron Bure, an alum of Full House said that support for “traditional marriage” was one of the reasons she left Hallmark for Great American Family, Hilarie Burton dubbed Bure a “bigot.”

“Bigot. The 40-year-old veteran of One Tree Hill tweeted this about Bure’s departure from Hallmark on Monday, November 14 alongside a link to an article about it. In any case. Get rich quick, sweetheart. “You cash in big time on the back of prejudice.”

The Fuller House star, now 46, discussed her departure from Hallmark in an interview with WSJ. Magazine, which ran on Monday. “My heart wants to write stories that have more significance and purpose and depth behind them,” she said to the media.

I did not doubt that those behind Great American Family were devout Christians eager to spread the word about the importance of both faith-based media and quality entertainment for the whole family.

Hilarie Burton Responds to Candace Cameron Bure's comments
Hilarie Burton Responds to Candace Cameron Bure’s comments

Cameron Bure said that since Bill Abbott, now president and CEO of Great American Media, left Hallmark Media in 2020 in the wake of a controversy involving the removal of an ad featuring a same-sex couple, the network “basically is a completely different network than when I started because of the change in leadership.”

Since then, Hallmark has made attempts to diversify its material, and next month will see the premiere of the network’s first original Christmas movie featuring a same-sex couple. But Cameron Bure gave the impression that comparable attempts wouldn’t be done on her network.

Her prediction that “traditional marriage will remain at the foundation” of the Great American Family was published in the Wall Street Journal. It’s the year 2022, so we’re aware of the trends,” Abbott chimed in. No one has written “Yes, this” or “No, we’ll never go here” on a whiteboard.

The comments were also called out by Burton, who tweeted, “Now they’re just openly admitting their racism.” When Abbott was at Hallmark, I called him on this nonsense years ago. I’m relieved he got the boot. Being LGBTQ isn’t a “trend,” and neither is that person’s support group.

Hilarie Burton Responds to Candace Cameron Bure's comments
Hilarie Burton Responds to Candace Cameron Bure’s comments

Likewise, Candy. Being in a relationship with someone of the same gender is not unconventional. Cameron Bure has previously stated that the “faith” elements of the Great American Family films would be given prominent billing. Truly, it is a symbol of the family.

In an interview with Variety in September, she explained that the symbol represented her beliefs. “They are going to move much further in the faith content, and having both—still having loads of comedies, rom-com, and Christmas movies that don’t contain faith, but also ones that do,” said an industry insider.

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