The Second Season Of Hunters Will Be The Final One, 2023 Premiere Date Announced

Hunters, a popular series on Amazon, will end after its upcoming second season. In the film Hunters, Logan Lerman and Al Pacino play two Nazi hunters in 1970s New York. The series premiered on Amazon in 2020 to middling reviews and left viewers wondering what would happen next.

Creator David Weil recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming second season, promising answers for the show’s devoted audience. When the second season of Hunters premieres on Amazon Prime on January 13th, Weil addressed several of the cliffhangers and plotlines developed in the first season and hinted at how they might be woven together.

The creator of Hunters has confirmed that the upcoming season will be the final, and he has promised viewers more shocking moments and high stakes.

How Hunters Season 2 Will Wrap Up The Show’s Storylines

At the end of the first season, the program gave viewers a taste of the enormous narrative risks it’s ready to take by revealing that Al Pacino’s character, a Holocaust survivor named Meyer Offerman, is actually a famed Nazi known as “The Wol.”

‘Hunters’ to End With Season 2
‘Hunters’ to End With Season 2

The protagonist, Jonah (Lerman), kills Meyer in a fit of poetic justice and is then left to run Meyer’s enterprise and direct the Nazi hunters through their further adventures and trials across Europe. Since Pacino’s character has died, all future appearances by him will take place only in flashbacks during Season 2.

The most infamous Nazi of all time, Adolf Hitler, is sure to play a significant role in season two’s narrative. The season one finale’s revelation that Hitler is still alive and residing in a lavish estate in Latin America has set the stage for Lerman’s band of Nazi killers to go on the run in a foreign country.

Aside from Hitler, his infamous wife Eva Braun was also revealed to be alive and well in season one, hiding under the guise of the menacing and powerful “Colonel.” How often Hitler and his wife will appear onscreen remains to be seen, but viewers can rest assured that Lerman‘s crew will deal with them in some capacity by the end of the show.

A New Location For The Hunters

While season one was set in New York City, most of what happens in season two will probably take place in Europe. Remember, it was in that first season’s conclusion that sister Harriet (Kate Mulvaney) disclosed the eight new Nazi targets ready to be killed by the hunters in Europe.

It’s not hard to see these eight hiding Nazis taking up most of season two. However, there is still a kink to be worked out: in the season finale, Harriet was shown to be a double agent, working at the behest of a shadowy puppet master who, it is presumed, will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

‘Hunters’ to End With Season 2
‘Hunters’ to End With Season 2

Is it possible that Harriet in Europe is leading the hunters straight into a trap? What specific means do they have for learning that Hitler is still alive? The January streaming release of Hunters is anticipated to provide answers to these questions. It will be up to fans to come up with their own explanations till then.

Final Words

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