Reality Steve Has Posted Spoilers For The Season 8 Reunion On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Incredibly, the eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise is coming to a close in the Playa Escondida Resort in Mexico, and it has been a dirty, emotional season. A lot of Clayton Echard’s exes and some fan favorites from the most recent double-Bachelorette season (Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia) made up the cast this time around.

The season finale airs throughout two nights on November 20 and 21, and that’s just the beginning of the season’s meaty material. This is directed towards Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo. Two couples will be leaving the beach this season with new fiancés and tans.

If you simply must know which couples are still together and which have finally parted ways, though, you need not worry. You can count on Women’s Health to have your back. Reality Steve has the lowdown on what’s happening at the get-together.

This paragraph contains spoilers. You should probably stop reading here if you don’t want any spoilers for season 8 of “The Bachelor in Paradise.”

'Bachelor In Paradise' S8 Reunion Spoilers
‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S8 Reunion Spoilers

When Did They Shoot The Reunion?

Screen Rant claims that the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show was recorded on November 4. This implies that by the time everyone is seated in front of their TVs, the action should still be relatively new.

Victoria And Greg Are Now Dating

You may have heard that Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo started dating after the filming of Bachelor in Paradise concluded. And I can attest that it is indeed genuine. If you recall, Victoria left the show engaged to Johnny DePhillipo, but their relationship swiftly deteriorated.

Reality Johnny branded Victoria a “dumb c*nt” and they went to couples counseling for three weeks, according to Steve’s conversation with Victoria. Another claim she made was that “he told her she didn’t cook or clean, therefore what good was she as a woman,” as Steve put it in a tweet.

According to Johnny, Victoria threw a wine glass at him and told him she was out of his league after he said some things he shouldn’t have said. To sum up, it appears like things were not going well between these two.

Now fast forward to the present, Victoria appears to be quite content with Greg, and the two are officially dating. These two traveled to Italy and received identical tattoos that read “hot” in Italian.

Brandon And Serene Are Still Engaged

Especially intriguing in light of Brandon’s dramatic breakup with Bachelorette Michelle Young is the news that the duo left the show ready to say “I do” and are still together, according to Reality Steve.

This couple deserves a round of applause since they are adorable together. Jesse, after Steve’s revelation in the finale, informs the couple that he recently became an ordained minister and can legally marry them right then and there.

A cliffhanger is present at the end of BIP whether or not they got married, he tweeted. At the class reunion, they’ll admit that they weren’t married but were merely engaged. In any case, Brandon and Serene get to go to Hawaii, which sounds sweet.

Danielle Is Moving To Ohio To Be Close To Michael

In the end, Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio (a.k.a. Papa Mike) left Paradise as a pair after they shared stories of their own personal tragedies. Still, they never settled down to exchange wedding vows.

The news is huge! So that she may be with Michael more frequently, Danielle has “moved to Ohio” and is “getting her own house,” according to the reality show. “They’re taking things gradually,” Steve observes.

Kira And Jill Get Into An Argument About Romeo And Jacob

Nothing unexpected here, as the love triangle between Kira and Jill made this conclusion obvious. For those who may have missed it, Jill Chin tried dating Jacob Rapini after getting burned by Romeo Alexander and Kira Mengistu.

But then Kira tried to pursue a romantic relationship with Jacob as well, raising the stakes even higher. Jacob interrupts Kira and Jill while they’re talking to Romeo and says that he doesn’t think Kira came back to Paradise for the proper reasons, and the four of them discuss the subject at length. And this brings us to the next exciting turn of events…

Jacob Proposes To Jill

The Truth Steve added that, following that muddled conversation, he asked Jill out, and she said yes. Steve was vague on specifics, but I do not doubt that additional information will become available shortly.

Romeo And Kira Are Still Talking

They’ve been up to more than that, too. Reality Steve claims that at the reunion, Romeo offers Kira a set of handcuffs that he claims she left at his apartment. Simply said, my response is:

It’s debatable whether or not these two are an item at the moment. However, it appears that they are having a blast playing mind games with us. Take Kira’s most recent Instagram, for example.

Logan Confronts Some Of The Ladies

Logan, who was a cast member in Gabby and Rachel’s season, undoubtedly had some thoughts to process at the reunion. His anger stems from the fact that Kate Gallivan allegedly chose Hayden Markowitz over him in Paradise and is now being referred to as a “money digger” by him.

'Bachelor In Paradise' S8 Reunion Spoilers
‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S8 Reunion Spoilers

He then goes on to say that he, too, has found success and to thank you for your patience. Oh! He also criticizes Shanae Ankney, alleging that she seemed insincere during the show’s tapings. Yikes.

Andrew Discusses Teddi’s Impending Departure

During the season, Andrew Spencer acknowledged to Reality Steve that things had changed for him after Teddi Wright departed Paradise and that he had been “over it” by the time he had to choose between Ency Abedin and Jessenia Cruz. Teddi, for what it’s worth, wasn’t present for the recording.

So, When Does The Finale And Reunion Air?

On November 21 and 22, Bachelor in Paradise fans may see the two-part season reunion. In the meantime, fans may revisit past scenes featuring their favorite BiP couples, as well as catch up on the most recent spoilers for the programme.

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