NEWS FLASH: Soccer is Gay

Americans have long speculated that soccer may be gay, just like a few notable unmarried senators. It’s now official. The red stripes in the crest have been replaced with the rainbow colors of the LGBT pride flag in the US men’s national team’s redesigned emblem, which was unveiled on Monday.

Well, statements like “I always believed soccer may be homos*xual since that time I caught soccer trying on my make-up and lipsyncing to Donna Summer” were made in response to soccer’s choice to come out of the closet and live as its true self ahead of the World Cup. Soccer’s reputation as a heteros*xual sport was also damaged by the practice of “diving,” which involves pretending to be fouled to obtain an unfair advantage while frequently displaying theatrical sobbing and other histrionics.

The league’s token, bland commitment to corporate neoliberalism is meant to reassure the small group of LGBT activists who are concerned about its participation in the next FIFA World Cup in Qatar, a nation where homos*xuality is prohibited. The team quickly clarified, however, that the LGBT crest will not be worn on the field but rather is visible someplace in their Doha base. In other words, “Rainbow gnats, here’s your bone, now go away.”

Soccer is Gay
Soccer is Gay

Pink shirts from the West prefer not to acknowledge regions of the world where gays are subjected to horrible oppression, particularly in the Middle East. It explains why they have been abnormally quiet on the World Cup issue for a bunch of the most obnoxious, vociferous, and well-funded ideologues.

Speaking up, for one, would expose how minor their domestic grievances are. Second, they have been forced to keep quiet about it by their supporters in the Democratic Party and its corporate backers who have commercial interests in the area. They have complied, being the avaricious, self-hating cretins that they are.

To little fanfare, several leftists from an earlier age of activism tried to bring attention to the predicament of gays in Qatar. Boomer gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was to Qatar in October to stir up controversy before the World Cup. With a placard that read, “Qatar arrests, imprison, and subjects LGBT people to “conversion,” the man stood in front of a museum in Doha. He asserted that he was “arrested, held for 49 minutes, and subjected to interrogation.”

Given what would have happened to him in Iran or Afghanistan, where gay people have been frequently persecuted and murdered since the Taliban was reinstated by President Biden last year, following a twenty-year reprieve during the American occupation, forty-nine minutes sounds incredibly lenient. As expected, neither the administration nor their activists are speaking.

Tatchell’s claim was discredited by the Qatari government, which stated in a statement that “a person standing in a traffic roundabout was pleasantly and professionally  asked to go to the sidewalk.” The Qatari account of reasons counter appears to be supported by video. Tatchell, though, made an effort to pay lip respect to something that could truly matter, unlike the current crop of crusaders, even if he unintentionally managed to make Qatar appear sensible.

The fact that terrible Megan Rapinoe, America’s most well-known soccer player, is a lesbian who competes in the women’s league, should tell you something. That aspect is not unexpected.

he reason the sport’s most well-known player is so well-liked is not that she is particularly good on the field — her team famously lost to Canada at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics — or because Americans are particularly passionate about women’s soccer — they aren’t; barely anyone cares — but rather because she is frequently chosen to have public meltdowns in support of extremely safe, institutionally protected political viewpoints.

Included in it is pushing for her elimination. Instigated by womenfolk shooting balls past their fairer comrades to fame and money, women’s professional soccer has thus far been deemed secure from the entrance of ursine. However, this may not last long. Rapinoe has publicly defended the “inclusion” of transgender athletes in s*x-exclusive sports.

For the man in Tehran with the swishy gait who is terrified that the morality police would stop him and take his phone away from him, rest easy. The overextended NGOs of America are on your side. A rainbow has been daubed someplace on a structure in Doha for the upcoming few weeks.


Soccer may be gay, like a few unmarried senators, say Americans. Officially. The US men’s national team’s redesigned emblem features the rainbow colors of the LGBT pride flag instead of red stripes. This Is all about in this post. I hope you like this article. You can check more articles on our website

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