Lee Zeldin: Not Only Should the Republican Party Compete in all 50 states

The Republican Party should not just run candidates in all 50 states, but also visit all communities no matter how blue they are, engage with residents, and promote policies related to education, economic mobility, housing, mental health, public safety, and other issues.

Not only should the Republican Party compete in all 50 states
Not only should the Republican Party compete in all 50 states

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AnnePak Wrote: “Please share your proposals. I have yet to see any kind of specific GOP platform. I’ve only heard plans that hurt women, LGBT+, non Christian religions, immigrants, students, and elderly. I only hear of tax cuts for wealthy. What are the SPECIFICS.”

Jackie A., MPH, BSN, RN Wrote: “GOP is anti-woman and has no policies. I am still waiting for the GOP’s alternative to ACA…that was promised over, and over and over. GOP is all talk. Congrats to Kathy, who is getting things done!”

Matt Markonis Wrote: “Why bother to affiliate with a party? Why not post-party politics, why not just set the agenda and then dismiss party politics as a necessity then? That is the most conservative question I would want to ask! Would work with anyone who was willing to work on housing and education!”

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There is no equivalent of catching a wave and riding it to create a wave election. In order to create a “wave election,” candidates must exert 100% of their available resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Among these is emphasizing your positive stances instead of just your negative ones.

Everyone in the Republican Party owes a debt of gratitude to @ScottPresler for his tireless work in voter registration this election. He absorbs criticism and turns it into drive for the greater effort the following day. He has no interest in gaining attention or praise. For the love of one’s country is at the heart of it all.

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