“Superman Vs. The Entire Criminal Underworld” Who Comes Out On Top, The Boys Or Invincible?

Who is more powerful, Invincible’s Omni-Man or Superman, two aliens with powers so great that they could destroy entire planets? A merciless warrior, Omni-Man is usually seen with more blood on him than on him. However, there have never been stronger beings than Superman.

Image Comics imagined what would happen if an alien as powerful as Superman encountered vulnerable people and created a comic book about it. In the Invincible comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, Omni-Man is a Viltrumite who has been sent to Earth to conquer it and use it as a breeding ground for his race, which is a Spartan-like alien race with a thousand-year lifespan and near-invulnerability.

In the same vein as Superman, Omni-Man possesses incredible physical prowess, incredible speed, and the ability to fly. The flagship hero of DC Comics, however, possesses practically limitless superhuman abilities. Would Superman have a chance against the Omni-Man?

At the beginning of Invincible, Omni-Man is shown as a ruthless conqueror with little compassion for ordinary humans. He destroys entire neighbourhoods and casually murders thousands to show his son, Invincible, that human beings are inferior to the Viltrumites.

Superman Vs The Entire The Boys And Invincible Verse Who Wins
Superman Vs The Entire The Boys And Invincible Verse Who Wins

After slaughtering Invincible’s Justice League, Omni-Man hesitated before killing his own son out of love for his family. Eventually, Omni-Man would turn against the Viltrumite Empire, and he, his son, and another Viltrumite defector would destroy the Viltrum Empire by flying through the planet’s core.

Unlike the heroic Superman, who restrains his power, Omni-Man has shown a desire to slay anybody who stands in his way. Only Superman’s self-control keeps his enemies from dissolving in his solar vision or turning to bloody mush from one of his smashes.

Superman has slain a few enemies, so it’s not like he’s never gotten his hands dirty. Would he hold back against the virtually indestructible Omni-Man? Superman is likely stronger than Omni-Man in terms of raw strength alone. Simply put, Omni-Man was unstoppable and made quick work of any adversary he faced.

He has vanquished many of his fellow Viltrumites, but the Viltrum Emperor Thraag has ultimately proven too powerful for him. Invincible, the son of Omni-Man, has implied that he might be even more powerful than his father, despite being half-Earthling like his dad.

In the past, Omni-Man has vanquished numerous monsters and aliens capable of inflicting serious injuries on Viltrumites. Of then, there’s also the matter of Superman. If you want to hurt Superman, your only options are Kryptonite, a nuclear explosion, or magic. None of these are available to Omni-Man.

Superman Vs The Entire The Boys And Invincible Verse Who Wins
Superman Vs The Entire The Boys And Invincible Verse Who Wins

Superman avoids murdering whenever possible, instead preferring to demoralize and vanquish his foes (with limited long-term success). Omni-Man, however, has no such reservations. He would strike out at Superman with all his might, but the Man of Steel would easily break his fists.

Although Omni-Man can withstand a lot of punishment, he has never faced Superman’s entire night. He has unrestricted power. Superman has the power to destroy Omni-Man if he so chooses. To overcome the mustachioed powerhouse known as Omni-Man, Superman would have to break with his usual code of ethics.

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