The Set Up VS. The Shot: Twitter Users Provide Photo Tips

Social media scrolling may be a visual feast. Instagram, a photo-sharing website is rife with beautiful images of everything from books to fashion models to house plants. In addition to Twitter, which also has a sizable community of photographers and photography fans, Pinterest is the center of beautiful virtual pinboards.

With so many picture-perfect photos available online, you might wonder what techniques photographers use to make their photos look so nice. The newest Twitter trend seeks to provide that information.

A popular Twitter trend is “The setup vs the shot,” in which users of the microblogging service share the tips and techniques used to create stunning photos. Even if everything appears to be perfect online, there may be a less glamorous side to these stunning images that constantly overwhelm our accounts.

The Set Up VS. The Shot
The Set Up VS. The Shot

So have a look at these tweets if you’ve ever wanted to improve your Instagram game, want photography advice or just want to giggle at the huge difference between the setup and the finished product.

To understand how much labor goes into taking the best pictures, look at the setup vs. shot trend: With these two images, Twitter user Caroline Lins astounded hundreds of people.

3.4 lakh people have liked this beautiful picture.

Putting up a lot of effort to achieve the ideal shot

The goal of bridging the gap between Instagram and reality has been attempted before. In 2015, a Thai photographer named Chompoo Baritone shared a number of images on Facebook that expose the staged reality that lies beneath those envious-inspiring Instagram photos.

Final Words

Photos of “The Setup vs. The Shot” are being tweeted by users. Photographers and creative directors participate in the social media trend by posting side-by-side images of their photo settings and astonishing results. The images demonstrate the effort required to produce a stunning photograph and those who publish images as part of the trend are becoming well-known.

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