Twitter #BATDRSpoilers! Hashtag Has Users Engaged

A hashtag called #BATDRSpoilers! has been popular on Twitter lately. Using this hashtag, users are uploading gameplay videos, concept art, and memes.

Bendy and the Dark Revival or BatDR for short is the second part of the Bendy franchise’s main series, which is being made by Joey Drew Studios Inc.

The game came out on Steam on November 15, 2022. The game will be available later for Xbox and PlayStation.

One tweet reads, “#batdrspoilers the ink bendy talks now its so goofy but spoopy at the same time like I cant help to laugh at his goofy phrases like ‘let me know your name so I can devour it’ or smth thats just funny

There are spoilers in a few tweets about Bendy and the Dark Revival, so look at them at your own risk.

Do check:

Another Twitter user wrote, “ok so I got one of the old batim filter finders to check batdr for secrets and they found a mike mood vent poem I am ON THE FLOOR. LMAO WHAT THE FUCK #batdr #batdrspoilers #bendy #bendyspoilers

With the hashtag #BATDRSpoilers, Twitter users are sharing their ideas and thoughts about the show. Please tell us what you think in the section below. You can only find us on Lee Daily.

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