American Horror Story NYC (Season 11) Episodes 9 And 10: The True Face Of Horror Ending Explained

Episodes 9 and 10 of American Horror Story: NYC (season eleven) So, it wasn’t a reunion in the end. It wasn’t anything you had before encountered in the 11-year history of the Murphy-Falchuk world. Looking back, AHS has embodied the very best of horror. It has been cheesy, gory, frightful, and even depressing.

AHS has always been brave in its crazy pursuits, but that is what matters most. Every season has pushed the envelope of the bizarre and summoned ghosts, ghoul-killers, and crazy people. Even Trump demons have MAGA-ed America’s demolished streets. Although some complained about the lack of familiarity in the most recent season, it is also Murphy and Falchuk’s eagerly awaited attempt to break out of the safe pattern of gathering all the favorites in a crazy world.

But didn’t we anticipate something fresh? Especially after last season’s attempt by aliens to take over the world by breeding with humans. Yes, it featured Cody Fern’s seductive evil and the well-known mumbling cries of Sarah Paulson. However, it was still very disjointed from the typical AHS style. However, despite this, season 11 represents the show’s most significant leap into the unknown.

Unboxing of Big Daddy and “Is it AIDS? If this season has satisfied your ghoulish desires, the next two episodes carry the predicted vibe of “It’s AIDS, isn’t it?” You are reminded that you are watching AHS by the horrific deaths of important people and the hauntings; all of your questions are resolved at the conclusion. However, you’re also receiving a lot more than you anticipated.

American Horror Story: NYC (Season 11): Episodes 9 And 10: Recap

A crowd of men in tuxedos gathers to bid Theo farewell. Sam unexpectedly attends the memorial service and unsurprisingly passes away from the same illness that claimed the avant-garde photographer. In his feverish, barely conscious state, Sam is welcomed by scrubbed Billy and Theo, medical experts, when he awakens in a dark, fuzzy hospital. Theo, a ghost that resembles Theo from “A Christmas Carol,” drags Sam through his gloomy purgatory and shows him the suffering he has brought on. The promenade ends in Sam’s room, where his out-of-body experience makes him miserable as he witnesses his struggles on the hospital bed alone.

Who are we dealing with here, and what appears to be dead but isn’t waking Sam up imprisoned in never-ending darkness? It’s Henry dressed as a police officer, eager to make Sam confront his pain. Dom in leather, Sam’s father receives a brutal beating from Big Daddy, and his first homophobic boss has an even worse fate on his nipples. In a flashback, Sam and his bully father go on a rowdy family outing that results in Sam’s eardrum being ruptured and bleeding when his father shoots a gun too close to the “limp-wrist” kid’s head.

American Horror Story NYC Season 11 Episodes 9 And 10
American Horror Story NYC Season 11 Episodes 9 And 10

You’d think this would be the end of his purgatory. But no. While the lovely deer-men, of which Theo is now a part, keep watch, he is fleeing from Big Daddy on the beach on Fire Island. Henry persuades Sam to pause and take a closer look at Big Daddy by acting as the mediator between death and Sam. After removing the gigantic phantom’s mask, Sam discovers a stunning blonde. He kisses her and is lovingly welcomed into the arm of death. Sam’s lonely ashes are scattered into the ocean by Henry.

In 1987, the illness had a name—no surprise there—it is called AIDS, and Patrick is now a patient there, battling the extremely lethal HIV. His sight and strength have been lost to the illness, and most crucially, there is no known treatment. Gino is outraged by the indifference shown to Patrick in the hospital. When blind Patrick is by himself, his deceased wife Barbara appears to him dressed in a wedding gown. Patrick will now take a tour of his purgatory.

In addition to being tugged back to the innocent first meeting with Gino, he is also taken back to a period when to defend his reputation; he kissed a male coworker in a precarious situation. His horrors go on after this. In a manner, Patrick resembles the Frankensteinian sentinel as the diseased ex-cop finds himself in the Mai Tai killer’s murder room.

Barbara serves as a reminder of all the times he has been broken and then put himself back together. What was left of him was a botched, stitched-up soul that continued to cause the suffering that had begun before him. He is once again lying in a hospital bed, losing the war against AIDS and being transported into the afterlife while Kathy, the angel, sings “calling you.”

Adam comes across a group of police enforcement officers in front of Hannah’s apartment on his way home from the funeral. Adam walks into her apartment, devastated by the news of her passing, with Big Daddy watching over him. He discovers Hannah’s tape recorder, and after a frantic investigation, he determines that the illness is spread through sexual contact. Before it’s too late, he implores medical professionals to take it seriously and find a solution. Adam, who is not one to sit back and do nothing, puts up safe sex awareness posters and even shows up with condom boxes at Kathy’s bathhouse.

American Horror Story: NYC (Season 11) Episodes 9 And 10: Ending Explained

                                                                 Who Is Big Daddy?

At Patrick’s funeral, Gino sits in his pocket with a bottle of AZT. In a spectral montage, he witnesses Big Daddy digging a hole and an endless line of men falling lifelessly into the grave. A severe disease here to stay now affects the entire city. However, Gino is not often one to take action in the face of adversity. Gino joins the protest against disregarding a population that is dying like flies, even though his cancer is worsening.

Gino visits bars and pubs while on his way to move on, crazy with desperation, but Big Daddy’s picture never leaves his mind. The leather-masked death bringer obliterates Gino’s surroundings in a continuous sequence that pulses to Kraftwerk. He shoots up his colleagues at The Native’s office and smashes the tavern’s patrons. Even in Adam’s imagined story of how he contracted the illness, Big Daddy appears to be the person he had an intimate relationship.

Big Daddy appears to be an angel of death and the phantom-like embodiment of AIDS, even though this question is never explicitly addressed in the episode. Every character in this story has experienced a near-death experience or has passed away. In the final montage, Big Daddy, a representation of AIDS, brutalizes Gino’s surroundings. But he persists in trying. Gino moves through the devasted streets of the poisoned metropolis without even attempting to cover up the new lesions he has developed. However, Gino also experiences death because it comes to everyone. Gino’s battle is over as he lies in the coffin in front of friends, family, and admirers, but Adam is still there.


American Horror Story has used actual events to enhance its horror. Real-life crimes have plagued seasons set in LA, and even currently popular conspiracy theories have served as hosts for otherworldly parasites to establish themselves. The most astounding and unexpected thing Murphy has done is disprove conspiracy theories in New York City. Could he have chosen a more straightforward path to please the fans who only wanted a quick, recognizable cure for the primary lacking and developed Fran’s peculiar conceptions? Yeah. But I’m delighted the cheesy creative team chose to steer clear of the occult and mysterious for a season that deals with actual horror.

Let’s be honest. Nobody needed to be reminded of the horrifying illness because they were all aware. But AHS: NYC is not about awareness campaigns or reminders. It is essential to recognize the terrible events that occurred throughout the outbreak. The season avoided using overly dramatic sympathy tropes to convey the urgency and suffering of the oppressed during a period of even greater intolerance. Instead, we were given imperfect characters who weren’t the “ideal gay,” brave enough to fight till the end, and, most importantly, were relatable sufficient to root for.

The absence of the friendly pack has raised unwelcome doubts about the season’s veracity. But as a devoted follower, I can attest that they weren’t missed. Season 11 has been a glaring example of Murphy and Falchuk’s ability to completely immerse you in a new plot.

Final Phases

Season 11 of American Horror Story: NYC, Episodes 9 and 10: It wasn’t a reunion. Nor was it something you’ve seen or heard before in the 11 years you’ve lived in the Murphy-Falchuk-universe. When you think about it, AHS has been everything scary could be.

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