Christmas with You (2022) on Netflix: A Review and Analysis of the Ending

Given the frequency with which new Christmas movies are released, one could argue that the genre has developed into something akin to a cottage business. They are marketed as “family-friendly films” because they promote warm and fuzzy messages about the importance of family.

A recent addition to the same canon is Netflix‘s “Christmas with You.” Similar to other works in this vein, it exudes a comforting sense of familiarity. Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini, the film features a script written by Paco Farias, Jennifer C. Stetson, and Michael Varrati.

Starring Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Deja Monique Cruz, and Gabriel Sloyer, the film also features a supporting cast.

Christmas With You (2022) Netflix Plot Summary

Pop sensation Angelina (Aimee Garcia) is slowly but surely losing her audience with each passing day. She’s not getting as much attention as she used to since the music industry tends to favour younger talent, and because fans have preferences about how they listen to music.

Christmas with You (2022)
Christmas with You (2022)

She only ever plays her old songs whenever she gets on stage. Monique (Zenzi Williams), her assistant, notices this and proposes she write a Christmas song to meet the demands of the business. Every time a new artist comes out, they have to live up to the high expectations of their fans.

Given the nature of the genre, a once-famous Christmas song can retake her crown in a relatively short amount of time. As Angelina hasn’t written any new music in quite some time, she’s finding it difficult to come up with a suitable song.

She struggles to compose this type of music because she has never felt the kind of love or unity that is typically associated with it. She also hears Barry (Lawrence J. Hughes) on their songs, but she always books Cheri Bibi (Nicolette Stephanie Templier), a budding talent, instead of herself.

Ricardo (Gabriel Sloyer), a Spanish telenovela star and her boyfriend primarily for the influence, tries to engage them in conversation using a variety of methods. After a while, she gets fed up with everyone in the studio and chooses to leave.

When Angelina and Monique get in the car, they immediately begin to leave the city. Christina (Deja Monique Cruz), a dedicated admirer with a beautiful voice and impressive musical talent, stands out as she watches her star decline.

Since she could identify herself and her school from her Instagram post, she decided to organise a meet-and-greet there. Despite Monique’s initial reluctance, she ultimately decides to go along with the plan. Christina and her father, Miguel (Freddie Prinze Jr.), a music teacher at the school, travel to visit the pop sensation in person, where they are joined by Christina.

Angelina had planned to depart immediately after seeing her, but Miguel suggests she wait until the snow stops falling. While things are calmed down, he suggests that she and Monique remain at their house. At his house, she feels peace and security she rarely experiences in her current life.

Christmas with You (2022)
Christmas with You (2022)

Because of this, she feels a connection to them because they are as straightforward as she once was. She only eats beans at mealtimes so she may keep her thin shape, as is customary in the music profession. Even though Christina doesn’t particularly care about the soup, Abuela is adamant that she try it. Everything brings back happy memories of that simple, homey life.

Angelina discovers a piece of music composed by Miguel and begins to play it on his piano after dark. She’s impressed by the tune and decides to work on it on the spur of the moment. After hearing it, she understands it may be used to help her get the Christmas song, per Monique’s advice, and catapult her into the limelight.

Christmas With You (2022) Netflix Movie Review:

It’s a Wonderful Life, directed by Frank Capra, is hands-down my favorite holiday film. It exploits the coming-of-age motif without feeling forced, despite being drenched in positivity and depicting a cynic’s path to discovering the value of togetherness.

We buy into the guy’s effort to accept his current circumstances. Not only that, but it also contains ideals and beliefs that are idealistic to the point of feeling utopian, but ultimately endearing because of their good intentions. Some of these themes are present in Christmas with You, but they aren’t implemented with nearly as much insight.

A famous singer goes back to her childhood home in the hopes of finding “herself” there with her family. She can feel the warmth of the family bond and the dignity of their simple lifestyle. As a result of her lavish celebrity lifestyle, she became famous and wealthy, but she lost touch with her humanity.

Christmas with You, which is full of romantic cliches in addition to the genre conventions of a Christmas/feel-good film, revisits a theme that is given through multiple narratives. As the film’s tagline puts it, “a popular woman falls in love with a simpleton,” the “rich girl falling in love with a poor one” cliche is recast in this case.

As such, it becomes of the utmost significance whether the picture still manages to make you feel something when we are well conscious that it is another predictable affair. The on-screen chemistry between Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. makes it easy to believe in their budding romance on occasion. The relationship storyline is formulaic, which isn’t always a plus because it shows how basic the story themes are.

Christmas With You (2022) Netflix Movie Ending, Explained:

Miguel goes home after the event, but she continues with her daily activities as usual. Cheri Bibi drops by shortly after, on the day of the SNL performance, to express her excitement and admiration. Another thing she mentions is that she thought they would be performing together with her boyfriend.

She probably meant Ricardo, who publicly dumped Angelina not too long ago. In any case, she has Miguel in mind. That induces a strong desire to abandon everything and rush towards the source of the sense of comfort. She travels to their hometown to celebrate Christina’s Quinceaera, where she performs an older song that the celebrant really like.

Christmas with You (2022)
Christmas with You (2022)

The music star’s appearance at the wedding comes as a pleasant surprise to her. Angelina and Miguel had a private moment of connection after the performance and then kiss passionately. At the conclusion of the story, they decide to begin cohabitating as a happy family.

While her family’s enormous wishes are being granted, she finally feels at home. The inability to generate any new ideas was a direct result of this lack of familiarity and comfort. In the end, it’s not enough to merely have skill, you also need to be able to connect with them emotionally.

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