Slumberland (2022): Jason Momoa is Trapped in a Nightmare

Nemo is a young girl who lives in Slumberland with her dad. The two people are very content with their lives together in the lighthouse where they live in seclusion. Nemo has a really vivid dream one night in which her father has been lost at sea. As she opens her eyes the following day, she realizes her worst nightmare has come true: she is now an orphan.

Nemo is forced to leave the lighthouse and migrate to the city because he has no other relatives but an estranged uncle. The first night she spends in her new residence, she has a dream in which she returns to the lighthouse. Nemo is expecting to find her father in this “dream home,” but it comes as a shock when she encounters something very alien. That critter’s name is Flip, and he came to the lighthouse in search of a treasure map.

In light of his confidence in Nemo’s ability to aid him, Flip proposes that the two make a contract. By working with him, she will be able to reunite with her father. Nemo and Flip join forces and embark on a fantastical adventure within Nemo’s fantasies after consenting to his conditions. But what if Nemo’s dreamworld turns into a nightmare instead of her reuniting with her father?

Slumberland (2022)
Slumberland (2022)

Moviegoers can catch Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley, Kyle Chandler, and Chris O’Dowd in Francis Lawrence’s Slumberland. The Little Nemo in Slumberland adaptation by Winsor McCay is now available on Netflix. It’s important to note that this isn’t the first film based on the Little Nemo comic strip; an animated musical was released in 1989. While it received positive reviews from critics, the film was a financial failure at the box office.

It’s unclear whether or not this latest film would have fared as well at the box office if it had been shown in theaters. The presence of Jason Momoa alone will guarantee box office success, but the picture itself isn’t as spectacular as it could be, and Momoa’s performance as Flip is grating at best. Jason Momoa‘s performance as Flip is reminiscent of a budget version of Beetlejuice, as he mumbles his way through the film. He just shows up now and then, but when he does, he behaves a little edgy and makes a few jokes.

Although his target demographic may be young people, I found his antics to be tedious. I think Momoa is fine as an actor and has enjoyed his work in other films, but he loses steam very quickly in this one. He isn’t the only thing holding Slumberland down, though; it moves at a snail’s pace, relies too heavily on CGI, and has moments where it feels hollow and lifeless. Moving Momoa and Marlow Barkley (as Nemo) from one CGI background to the next becomes tedious after a while.

Character Development

More character development, supporting performances, and overall meatiness are all urgently needed in this film. It seems like the entire movie was filmed in a studio on a holiday weekend when all of the real actors were off doing something else. Now that we’ve gotten over the movie’s failures, we can talk about what does work: Marlow Barkley. Excellently playing Nemo, the young actor emerges as the film’s most prominent player.

Barkley is not phased by the film’s extensive use of CGI, and she manages to keep her focus on the film’s emotional core despite Momoa’s many impressive performances. Without her, the success of the film would be greatly diminished. Chris O’Dowd gives a strong performance as Nemo’s uncle, and the film also features outstanding lighting, soundtrack, and visuals. The film tries its hardest to create an engaging dream world, and despite my problems with all the CGI, there are a lot of quite powerful passages.

The computer-generated pig is very adorable, too. Aside from the plot, the pig is the only thing I remember from this film. Positive portions (particularly the pig) keep Slumberland alive and make it a tolerable film overall, but it still fails to live up to the promise of its individual parts. Personally, I think the film could have benefited from a 20-minute cut to the running time, some additional outdoor shooting, and a chat with Momoa, but I suppose it’s too late for that now.

The story is complete, and there are even some good parts. It wasn’t exactly effective for me, but it could be for some people.

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Last Lines

Slumberland is home to Nemo and her father. To each other, life in the lighthouse is perfect, and they enjoy every minute of their peaceful existence there. Nemo has a terrifying dream one night that her father has been lost at sea. The next morning, she opens her eyes and finds that her worst fear has come true: she is an orphan.

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