Where To Watch The In Her Hands? More Details About Zarifa Ghafari

This documentary, which follows a young Afghan mayor as she navigates the upheavals brought on by the Taliban’s return to power, was executive produced by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

In Her Hands,” a new documentary by Tamana Ayazi and Marcel Mettelsiefen, struggles to keep up with a changing target. Their subject, 26-year-old Zarifa Ghafari, is one of Afghanistan’s first female mayors and a hounded but steadfast advocate for women’s rights when the movie opened in January 2020. Ghafari had survived a murder attempt, lost her father to an assassination, and applied for asylum in Germany after the Taliban retook Kabul in 2021 by the time the film ends in early 2022. With every turn, “In Her Hands” leaves untied ends as it struggles to keep up with these fast-paced developments.

The film, which Hillary and Chelsea Clinton executive produced, is so preoccupied with Ghafari’s standing as a unique symbol — a strong woman in a world dominated by men — that her real job as a politician receives little attention. We observe her accepting a prize in Washington, D.C., and hear her speak about the value of women’s education. Still, we learn little about how she got to be the mayor, her policies, or the opinions of her supporters.

Where to watch the in her hands
Where to watch the in her hands

At times, the lack of context is careless and reckless. Her bodyguard, Massoum, who is now jobless when Ghafari is relocated from her hometown of Maidan Shar to a position in Kabul, begins mingling with Taliban fighters. The movie draws the unsettling inference that Ghafari’s abandonment has led him to the other side while providing little insight into his reasoning.

The same superficial approach is given to Ghafari’s most difficult choice, leaving the nation after insisting on remaining with her people. The urgency of the crisis is made evident by footage of desperate Afghans swarming airports and attempting to flee. Still, it also obscures the details of Ghafari’s secret exit and the issues of access and privilege it highlights. These smooth edges only degrade a complex, brave young woman who must make unthinkable decisions.

Where to watch the in her hands

YouTube video

On October 26, 2022, Netflix released the official trailer for In Her Hands, which gives viewers a peek at Zarifa Ghafari’s struggle and Afghanistan’s turbulent political climate. The teaser has a gloomy tone that is appropriate for the subject matter.

The instability that arose in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power there in 2021 is briefly shown in the In Her Hands trailer. It demonstrates Ghafari’s valiant efforts to improve the social standing of women in her nation as she campaigns for their education, among other things.

Netflix also released a brief synopsis of the show alongside the trailer on their official YouTube channel, which reads:

”In Her Hands tells the story of Zarifa Ghafari, one of Afghanistan’s first female mayors and the youngest person, at 26, to hold the position. The film documents her fight to survive and narrowly escape against the backdrop of her nation’s accelerated unraveling.”

The trailer and narrative promise a fascinating and dramatic documentary about a young woman’s quest for survival in a country ripped apart by political ideals and beliefs. The catastrophic political catastrophe in Afghanistan in August of 2021 is also discussed.

The film will paint a vivid and detailed picture of Zarifa Ghafari’s life, including all her hardships and threats.

Critics were divided on the debut of In Her Hands at the Toronto Film Festival in September, but they generally praised the film for its goals, tone, and nuanced representation of the issue.

More details about Zarifa Ghafari

It was in Kabul, Afghanistan when Zarifa Ghafari was born in 1994. Abdul Wasi Ghafari, a senior member of the Ghafari family, was a member of the army and was supposedly killed by militants in November 2020. She attended elementary school in Afghanistan, then completed her secondary education and graduate work in India.

At 24, Ghafari became the first female mayor in Afghanistan when she was elected to lead the city of Maidan Shahr. Zarifa Ghafari endured several threats and difficulties in her role as mayor of the country. She supposedly faced numerous attempts on her life and received death threats innumerable times.

YouTube video

Despite the political unrest, Ghafari is remembered for improving women’s access to higher education. After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021, Ghafari reportedly fled her homeland. She has moved to Germany, where she is currently residing.

On November 16, 2022, don’t miss In Her Hands as it hits Netflix worldwide.

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