Where to Watch the Slumberland 2022: Is It Available on Netflix?

This weekend, Jason Momoa stars in Slumberland, a magical adventure film that will be available on Netflix. Slumberland is a film adaptation of the iconic comic strip about a young girl named Nemo (played by Marlow Barkley) who enters a fantastic dream world every night while she sleeps.

The film was directed by Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Red Sparrow). While looking for clues about her missing father, Peter, Nemo is accompanied on her journey through Slumberland by the sly con artist Flip (Momoa) (Kyle Chandler). Like you, I probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed if Jason Momoa starred in my dreams. Arriving on Netflix in time for the holidays, this looks like it will be a fantastical journey fit for the whole family. Here’s the scoop on when you can expect to see Slumberland on Netflix so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Where to Watch the Slumberland 2022
Where to Watch the Slumberland 2022

Where to Watch the Slumberland 2022?

On Friday, November 18, Slumberland may be viewed online on Netflix. Similarly, on November 11, Slumberland debuted in theaters for a brief week. Fandango will help you locate a local showing.

What Time Will Slumberland Be on Netflix?

On the morning of the film’s official release date, Netflix typically uploads the film to its streaming service at 12 a.m. Pacific Time, or 3 a.m. Eastern Time. So, on Wednesday, October 26 at 12 a.m. PT, or 3 a.m. ET, Slumberland will become available online. Try reloading the page, or signing out and back in, if you haven’t seen Jason Momoa on Netflix by Tuesday at midnight on the West Coast.

Is There a Slumberland Trailer?

Absolutely. The Slumberland teaser is available for viewing on Decider now. The video at the top of the page can be heard by simply scrolling up and using the “unmute” button. Have fun with all the slayings.

Last Lines

This weekend, you can stream Slumberland, a fantastical adventure film starring Jason Momoa, on Netflix. Marlow Barkley stars as Nemo, a young girl who, every night while she sleeps, experiences a fantastic dream realm called Slumberland, based on the classic comic strip of the same name.

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