“Yellowjackets” Jasmin Savoy Brown is “Meditating and Drinking” for Season 2

Jasmin Savoy Brown knows the best way to be successful. Before season 2, the star of Yellowjackets told sources that she’s getting ready for new episodes of the Showtime survival drama by “meditating and drinking.”

She said this as she and co-star Liv Hewson attended Thursday’s OUT100 party in New York City. Brown, who is 28 years old, plays the younger version of Taissa “Tai” Turner on the show.

It’s about a group of women in two different times: when their high school soccer team is stuck in the wilderness after a plane crash in 1996, and years later, when they’re haunted by what they did to stay alive.

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Even though we don’t know much about season 2, we do know that it will start with an adult Tai (Tawny Cypress), who is now a politician, and her fellow survivors doing whatever it takes to keep the dark secrets from their 19 months in the woods hidden.

Even though they don’t have any scenes with their adult counterparts (who also include Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, and Christina Ricci), Brown says she “sometimes” visits the set when the older actors are filming.

“But we’re all pretty busy, because we’re all trying to fly in and out and do as much as we can,” she explains. “But yeah, when we have the opportunity it’s nice to see everybody.”

Now that Lauren Ambrose has signed on to portray the adult version of their character Vanessa “Van” Palmer in season 2, Hewson, 26, says they “100 percent” sneak onto set to witness their costars film.

“Obviously Lauren and I have been in touch and seen each other,” they note, adding that it was “touching to know that [adult Van] is out there, honestly.”

“That sounds funny to say,” Hewson admits, “but she grows up. She makes it. She exists in the future and in the world, and I get weirdly emotional about it. I’m really excited.”

On Wednesday’s red carpet, the stars of Santa Clarita Diet almost said something they shouldn’t have. They joked that their “life flashed before my eyes” when they almost gave away a spoiler about season 2 of Yellowjackets. “No, I’m going to get in so much trouble. I’m not allowed,” Hewson says.

“I can tell you that it’s bonkers,” they add. “It’s a whirlwind filming it, and we’re very excited for people to see it.” Yellowjackets season 2 is likely to start on Showtime in 2023.

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