Heidi Montag Net Worth 2022: The Reality Star’s Net Worth Explored As She Welcomes A Second Baby

American reality TV personality, Heidi Montag has become a household name after her appearance in MTV’s “The Hills”. She is known to be a singer-songwriter, actor, and fashion designer who is currently making herself known through her work. Heidi Montag’s net worth mainly comes from her reality TV show.

Along with her husband, Heidi Montag’s net worth expanded on many different levels. If you consider the combined net worth of Heidi and her husband, then their fortune is $10 million. But what is Heidi Montag’s net worth a good figure when not combined with that of her husband? You will love to learn all the details.

Who is Heidi Montag? Her Early Life and Career

The simple girl from the United States of America born on 15th September 1986, Heidi is from Crested Butte. Her first introduction to fame and Heidi Montag’s net worth came when she was included as a cast member of “The Hills”. When Montag was attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, she met Lauren Conrad there.

Their connection was instant and they became friends. Montag initially worked at Bolthouse Productions and later, starred in “The Hills”. The show aired from May 2006 and continued till July 2010 that covered the incidents of Montag, Kristin Cavallari, and Conrad’s life.

Heidi montag net worth
Heidi montag net worth

However, Heidi Montag’s net worth was again explored when she was a part of the television series, “Famous Food”. She competed against many celebrities to win a restaurant partnership and that did increase Heidi Montag’s net worth. Later, she started appearing in multiple reality series such as “Celebrity Big Brother,” “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” along with her husband and more. 

But the majority of Heidi Montag’s net worth came after she was in the superhit reality series that had impeccable user ratings, “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars’ ‘ and even “Celebrity Wife Swap’ ‘. In the show, “Celebrity Wife Swap ”, the couple was seen trading their lives with that of Olympic Swimmer Amanda Beard and her loving husband, photographer Sacha Brown.

She also debuted her singing career on 11th January 2010 with the album “Superficial”. Its digital copy made only a sale of 1,000 copies for the first week. Heidi Montag’s net worth was in no way impacted because of this since “More is More” is the only song in the album that got a placement in the music charts.

Then again, in 2019, the show, “The Hills: New Beginnings” came back as a rebooted series with Heidi and Spencer. Thus, Heidi Montag’s net worth only went up to make her an influential figure in the industry. She is still known for her multiple reality TV appearances.

Heidi Montag’s Personal Life

Montag fell in love with Spencer Pratt who she met during “The Hills”. It was how her relationship resulted in multiple problems with her relationship. But defying all the problems, Pratt and Montag got married in 2009. They were in the sixth season of “The Hills”, however, were removed from the show because Pratt was accused of threatening the producer.

Still, Heidi Montag’s net worth and Pratt’s income allowed them to have a luxurious lifestyle. They had a boy in October 2017 and the couple was happy to start a new chapter in life.

Apart from that, Montag is also known to have as many as ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. She even almost died since her breath was reduced to five breaths per minute.

Heidi Montag’s Net Worth

Technically, Heidi Montag’s net worth is $300 Thousand. However, the combined net worth of Heidi and Pratt is much higher. At one point in their career, the couple had $10 million in fortune. While talking to InTouch Weekly, Heidi and Spencer said, “we thought we were Jay-Z and Beyonce, or the new Beckhams”, and also admitted they, “heard the planet was going to end in 2012… [so we thought] we have got to spend this money before the asteroid hits.”

Thus, Heidi Montag’s net worth exploded with only $1 million in handbags including that of Birkin. Moreover, she spends $100,000 per month alone on hair and makeup.

Final Words

Heidi Montag’s net worth has grown as time went by. Today, she is famous but it was not the same back when she started. Thus, Heidi Montag’s net worth is all because of her hard work!

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