Kanye West’s ‘Donda 2’ Will Remain On Device, Says Stem Player Collaborator

Kanye West is known for not following the rules, and putting out “Donda 2” on his Stem Player was no different. The device was made with the help of Kano Computing.

Alex Klein is in charge of the British tech company. He recently gave his opinion on whether or not his partnership with Kanye West would be in danger.

The discussion came about because of the growing controversy around the rapper, who has been talked about a lot lately because of a number of disturbing comments, including antisemitic ones.

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As AfroTech already said, West has since lost lucrative partnerships with companies like Gap and Adidas.

Will Klein Part Ways With West? Why “Donda 2” Will Remain On Stem Player

Klein was asked on Discord if he would be the next partner to leave West. “I don’t believe that,” Klein said. Stem Player users will still be able to listen to “Donda 2.” Klein’s choice is based on the fact that West’s anti-Jewish comments are not repeated on the project.

Showbiz411 quotes Klein as saying, “There’s nothing in it that’s antisemitic.” Hate speech won’t be tolerated: Klein also said he won’t stand for hate speech. But he says that working with West right now would be hard, but it’s not out of the question.

Working with West is not out of the question

I mean you know I still care about Ye I don’t want him to I pray for you and I pray I pray that we can meet again in fellowship and I’II pray that he is given a spirit of warmth and kindness that I know hes been given before and it’s given that the correct information because good engineering is about having correct information and acting upon it and mine is only as good as the information it receives but you know at the end of the day as long as what’s flowing through Ye is is hatred towards a particular ethnic group and if that’s such a major racial enough that focus of his work it’s gonna be very hard for us to collaborate creatively because that’s just not what I feel and we know we feel it’s a company,” Klein said, according to Showbiz411.

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