Netflix Has Renewed “Monster” For Seasons 2 And 3 As An Anthology: Who Will Be The Next ‘Monster’?

The second and third seasons of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, each of which will center on a new serial killer, have recently been made public. Given the enormous success of Monster season 1, it makes sense that Netflix quickly ordered Monster season 2. There are numerous topics to discuss, such as what will change the following Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, when Monster season 2 will air, and what it might be about.

The Netflix biographical series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story follows the life of Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters), who killed, mutilated, cannibalized, and sexually assaulted many of his victims. Despite the criticism surrounding it, Netflix renewed its controversial series Monster for two more seasons. There are several significant hints about the future of the Monster series in the episode itself, even though not many specifics are presently revealed.

Netflix has decided to extend Ryan Murphy’s most recent show despite all the controversies surrounding Dahmer, including its disregard for the victims and disputed usage of the LGBTQ+ label, in addition to issues on set.

Dahmer had 196.2 million members in its first week of release in September, ranking it seventh among the most popular Netflix movies over seven days. Only blockbuster shows like Squid Game, Stranger Things season 4, Bridgerton season 2, and All of Us Are Dead performed better, proving that Netflix is primarily concerned with viewership figures.

Along with this statement comes the information that Monster will follow previous Ryan Murphy shows like American Horror Story and American Crime Story in adopting an anthology style. Future seasons of Monster will, according to the news release, “explore stories of other terrible characters who have touched society.”

But what does this mean? Discover everything you need to know about Monster season two on Netflix with us here at Digital Spy, including potential new “monsters” and more.

Monster season 2 potential release date: When will it air?

We wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Murphy started production right away to bring us a new season of Monster as soon as feasible, given the enormous popularity of Dahmer. If so, early 2024 or even late 2023, depending on whether Monster adopts an American Horror Story-style release schedule, could be good bets for season two.

Monster Seasons 2 And 3
Monster Seasons 2 And 3

But in this environment, not all Ryan Murphy programs are viewed equally. For instance, the time between each season of American Crime Story is far greater than just one year, while the second season of Feud has taken even longer to arrive. In other words, don’t get too enthusiastic about a release in late 2023 just yet.

Who is on the Monster season 2 cast list?

Monster season two has not yet cast anyone, and that situation will likely persist until we learn who the major topic will be.

However, Ryan Murphy is renowned for using the same performers in various projects, as shown in the first season of Monster, which starred Evan Peters. Given that, it stands to reason that other actors from other popular Ryan Murphy shows could also have significant roles in this.

Who will be the next “monster” in the Monster season 2 storyline?

When season two of Monster and The Watcher was announced, Bela Bajaria, Head of Global TV at Netflix, noted in a formal press statement that “Audiences can’t take their eyes off Monster and The Watcher.”

“The Watcher and Monster creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan and The Watcher creator Eric Newman are superb storytellers who have captivated audiences worldwide. Because of Ryan’s distinctive creative voice, these two series have powerful back-to-back energy, and we are excited to keep writing tales set in the Monster and Watcher universes.”

But just what will these new stories consist of? All that is known so far is that “monstrous personalities who have touched society” will be the focus of upcoming seasons of Monster. Vague enough.

There are several contentious candidates if well-known serial killers continue to serve as the series’ model, including John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, and Ted Bundy. However, given that Ramirez has already made appearances in several seasons of American Horror Story, all of those options may be too obvious.

So, true crime enthusiasts, put your dirty minds to work and consider some of the less well-known “monsters” who might wind up starring in season two of Monster. Regardless of who they choose, let’s hope Ryan Murphy’s crew truly keeps their word this time and puts the victims first the next time.

Trailer for Monster season 2: When can I watch it?

Although we are eager to watch a trailer for Monster season two, it won’t be available until at least 2023. But when fresh material does come in, we’ll upload it all here, so save this page now and come back closer to the potential release date.

Monster Season 2 Will Turn The Show Into An Anthology

The show’s transformation into an anthology series is the most significant shift brought about by Monster season 2. The second season of Monster, which will likely follow a similar style to season one, will recount the narrative of another infamous serial killer rather than concentrating on the events following Dahmer’s death. With each season telling an utterly different story with new actors, Monster seasons 2 and 3 will be akin to American Crime Story.

Making Monster season 2, an anthology, had a significant impact on the program since it opened up the possibility of an almost unlimited number of seasons focused on the innumerable serial killers who have existed throughout history.

Monster Season 2 Story: Who Will It Be About?

Numerous serial killers may be the subject of Monster season 2, but some are more probable than others. Given that Ed Gein, a.k.a. the Plainfield Ghoul, was mentioned in Monster season 1, the killer appears to be a viable contender. John Wayne Gacy, a prominent serial killer also addressed and depicted in season 1, is an additional choice.

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes, a documentary already available on Netflix, reached the top 10 around the time of Monster season 1. The second season of Monster might also focus on other notorious serial killers that Netflix has already highlighted, such as Ted Bundy or Edmund Kemper. Serial killers have been a constant throughout history, so Netflix has a vast pool to draw when creating Monster season 2.

Last Lines

Netflix is going the way of the anthology with “Monster.” The streaming service has ordered two more seasons of the show. The second season of “The Watcher” has also been bought by Netflix.

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan were the ones who made both shows. “Monster” came out on September 21, and “The Watcher” was first shown on October 13. Stay tuned with us on for more latest updates and further details.

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