“The Chosen” Season 3 Had Its Theatrical Release

“The Chosen” has established itself as a global phenomenon after showing the life journey of Jesus through the multi-episode television drama. This faith-based series has garnered a major number of fans over the past two seasons. It initially started as a crowd-funded series based on the life of almighty Jesus and the disciples.

The series has been such a huge success that it has over 420 million views combining the views for both seasons as stated in the Chosen App. But with “The Chosen” season 3, the entire team is taking a big step since the series just had its theatrical release. Dallas Jenkins who has created, directed, written, and acted as the executive producer of the series shared the news about the theatrical release on Facebook. 

“The Chosen” season 3 is going to be yet another authentic TV series that is hugely supported by fans from all over the world.

The Stars of “The Chosen” Season 3 Walked the Carpet

Walking down the aisle of the iconic Fox Theatre, the entire cast of “The Chosen” season 3 was there during the launch on Tuesday. Jonathan Roumie who perfectly shines through his character Jesus wore a velvet burgundy jacket and paired it with black leather fans. While all the fans were excited to get a glimpse of him, Jonathan made sure to smile at his fans.

The Chosen Season 3
The Chosen Season 3

Derral Eves the executive producer of the show welcomed Dallas Jenkins who instantly got a standing ovation from the crowd. He took over the mic and said, “You’re not supposed to do that yet. You still haven’t seen the episodes,” “So now if you don’t match or exceed that at the end, it’s a failure.”

As matter of fact, the premiere of “The Chosen” season 3 was also a charity event and all the proceedings with be going to the Salvation Army and Camp Hoblitzelle near Midlothian, Texas.

When Will “The Chosen” Season 3 Be Released?

The theatrical release will launch the first two episodes of “The Chosen” season 3 which will be released in over 2,000 theatres nationwide along with countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. The release date of “The Chosen” season 3 is 18th November 2022. It is expected that the series will become a major hit.

After its theatrical release, the rest of the episodes will be available for free streaming on the platform for a limited period. It will have a weekly launch in December and you can watch all the chapters of “The Chosen” season 3. There will be a total of 8 episodes and so, 6 more will be remaining.

Why did “The Chosen” Season 3 Have A Theatrical Release?

This isn’t the first time since we got to see the theatrical release of “The Chosen”. Last year, the creators dropped a Christmas special named “Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers”. Fathom Events arranged the entire event and turned out to be a massive success. It became the best-selling event with a huge number of attendances that led to $8 million in sales just on the opening night.

Following the success of the initial launch, the creators decided to make another theatrical launch with “The Chosen” season 3. The fans were not happy with the decision but Roumie stated that there were more visual details to portray through the first two episodes of “The Chosen” season 3. It deserved a big screening opening since only that could have done justice to the labor put behind the show.

Roumie said, “There’s so much visual detail that is lost in small-screen format. I think it’s what the show deserves,” “I think it’s just going to look stunning. So I’m excited to see it in the theatre..” “Seeing it on the big screen is also something cool because the themes of Season 3 especially are significant. I think it demands a little bit more of a bigger stage. And maybe a theater, as opposed to a home, allows it to just reach more people.”

Besides, he also wanted to do it for the fan community who prefers such gatherings.

Final Words

Only a few more days and then, “The Chosen” season 3 will also be available on your small screen. It is just another addition to the heartfelt story of Jesus’ journey. The first two episodes are out in theaters have you watched them yet?

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