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Three Virginia Football Players Killed, One Former Player Taken Into Custody

Three Virginia Football Players Killed, One Former Player Taken Into Custody

Three Virginia Football Players Killed, One Former Player Taken Into Custody

After a manhunt in Charlottesville, Virginia, police on Monday reported that a former University of Virginia football player was in custody for the deaths of three football players and injuries to two more students late Sunday night.

During a press conference on Monday, University of Virginia president Jim Ryan confirmed the deaths of three football players: junior receiver Lavel Davis Jr. of Dorchester, South Carolina, junior receiver Devin Chandler of Huntersville, North Carolina, and junior defensive end/linebacker D’Sean Perry of Miami.

Police stated they had arrested Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., the alleged shooter, “without incident” at around 11 a.m. in the Virginia county of Henrico. Jones, 22, was arrested and charged with three charges of second-degree murder and three counts of using a weapon in the conduct of a felony, according to University of Virginia Police Chief Tim Longo.

Three Virginia Football Players Killed, One Former Player Taken Into Custody

According to his roster bio, Jones played high school football at both Petersburg High and Varina High in Virginia before joining the team as a freshman running back in 2018. As for the other two students, Ryan said one is in stable condition and the other is in serious condition after being shot. Those other students were not named by Ryan.

Mike Hollins, a junior, was hurt playing running back, according to an interview his father gave to The Washington Post. Michael Hollins Sr., the father, told The Post that his son is in “stable” condition after being shot in the back. Doctors have given him a good prognosis, and I expect him to make a full recovery,” Hollins Sr. told the publication.

They claimed he’s doing quite well considering his age and health. According to Brenda Hollins, Mike Hollins’ mother, he is “a warrior — and he’s showing it” to the media. Great medical professionals have been helping him, but more importantly, we know that God is with him and will heal him.

Female student number five is in stable condition as of Tuesday morning, according to a school official who spoke to ESPN. According to Ryan, the shooting occurred on a charter bus carrying students back to campus from a field trip. A “sad, upsetting, and awful day for the university community,” he said of the tragedy.

I want to express my deepest condolences to the victims and their loved ones,” Ryan added. Tony Elliott, the head football coach at the University of Virginia, released a statement saying his squad is going through “devastation and anguish.”

“I cannot find the words to explain the sadness and heartache that our team is feeling today after the horrible events yesterday night that resulted in the deaths of Level, DeSean, and Devin, and the others who were injured,” Elliott said in the statement.

All of us are better for having known these extraordinary young men. They touched us, inspired us, and worked incredibly hard as representatives of our program, university, and community. Rest in peace, young men. Carla Williams, the athletic director of the Cavaliers, also released a statement in which she expressed her condolences to the kids’ families.

“As a mother of three children, my heart breaks for the parents and family members,” Williams added. I pray for peace, comfort, and hope for their parents and loved ones, and for strength and a peace that surpasses all understanding for their teammates, coaches, and friends.

We lost three talented and bright young men, and we will never know what impact they would have had on the world, but we will never forget the impact they had on us. I miss Level, DeSean, and Devin. According to Ryan, the class took a trip to the nation’s capital on Sunday to see a play.

After eating together, “someone among them chose to execute an act of violence,” according to Longo. Longo was about 13 minutes into Monday’s 20-minute news conference when another law enforcement officer stopped him to announce that Jones had been arrested. Longo took a moment of silence after making the arrest announcement.

I just need a second to thank God and take a deep breath,” Longo said to the press. Chris Jones Sr., Jones’ father, told WTVR in Richmond that he was shocked to receive a call from the police on Monday. On behalf of him and his family, I want to express my deepest condolences.

Three Virginia Football Players Killed, One Former Player Taken Into Custody

At the press conference, Longo stated that an unaffiliated third party informed the university’s multi-disciplinary threat assessment committee in September that Jones had made a statement about having a gun on campus. Longo emphasized that the remark about Mr. Jones’s gun ownership did not come with any threats.

According to Longo, the office of student affairs sought to contact Jones after receiving a report of his gun statements. According to Longo, Jones’s roommate told campus police that he had never seen a firearm in the dorm.

According to Longo, the university has filed administrative charges through the judiciary council against Jones, and the case is currently pending, after it was discovered that Jones had been charged with misdemeanor concealed weapons charges outside Charlottesville in February 2021.

During the press conference, Longo added, “I considered it vital to share that information with you. To let you know that he had been drawn to our attention and to answer any questions you might have about that. I’d rather have you hear it from me than anyone else.

According to Longo, a hazing inquiry was also conducted on Jones, but the case was dropped after witnesses refused to testify. After catching 20 passes for 515 yards and five touchdowns as a freshman in 2020 (for an average of 25.8 yards per catch), Davis had a bad year in 2021 due to a knee ailment that necessitated surgery. He finished the year with 16 receptions for 371 yards and two scores.

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