Is Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 coming back in 2022?

After the end of Season 7, which set up Season 8, Legends of Tomorrow was canceled. Here’s why the show was canceled and how the cast and showrunner felt about it.

The eighth season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow didn’t happen, and the show ended after the seventh season. Legends of Tomorrow was DC’s plucky little CW show that could last for seven seasons, just like the team it was about. When it first came out, it almost seemed like a catch-all show for characters that had been cut from other Arrowverse shows because their casts were too big. Some critics even thought it was just a cheap way to get people to watch.

Over time, though, Legends of Tomorrow came into its own and became the wackiest and weird show in the Arrowverse. But this wasn’t enough to keep Legends of Tomorrow from being canceled in 2022, along with other CW shows.

Even though Legends of Tomorrow had a lot of heart, that wasn’t enough to keep it from being canceled, and the reason is business. Now that the dust has settled, people can stop saying that Legends of Tomorrow season 8 is still being made in some way. Here’s everything people need to know about the cancellation of Legends of Tomorrow.

Why Was Legends of Tomorrow Canceled?

As soon as season 7 ended, season 8 of Legends of Tomorrow was in doubt, but in April, Legends showrunner Keto Shimizu confirmed that the CW had officially pulled the plug. When it became clear that the show hadn’t been picked up for a new season by early 2022, people began to wonder if it would be canceled. There were rumors that Legends of Tomorrow season 8 had been found online, but Keto Shimizu tweeted to rest those rumors.

Is Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 coming back in 2022
Is Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 coming back in 2022

Shimizu had said before that when season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow ended, they “chose to go the optimistic route and tell a story that propels into a future season.” However, many financial factors ended up killing the show.

The cancellation happened when the CW’s parent companies, WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS, tried to sell it. Even though Legends of Tomorrow had a lot of loyal fans and good ratings for a CW show, season 8 was canceled, leaving the “optimistic” cliffhanger from season 7 unanswered.

Legends of Tomorrow S7 Ending Set Up Unfinished S8 Stories

The end of Legend of Tomorrow’s season 7 would have set up an exciting season 8. Three big things happened in the last episode of Season 7. First, Donald Faison, known for his role on Scrubs, played the DC comics character Booster Gold for the first time.

Sara Lance found out she is pregnant, and the baby will have her ability to heal. Nate Heywood, aka Citizen Steel, left the team, making room for a new face, maybe even Booster Gold, played by Donald Faison. Both were sure to be essential and exciting plots for season 8 of Legends of Tomorrow.

Also, Alun’s joining the Waveriders after being saved suggested that he would be necessary for season 8. The fact that Booster Gold is the father of Rip Hunter, the former leader of the Legends, was a bombshell that needed to be talked about after his double-cross at the end of season 7. All in all, the season 7 finale left people wondering what would happen next. Since season 8 has been officially canceled, these storylines will likely stay unfinished.

How The Cast Reacted To Legends Of Tomorrow’s Cancelation

Season 8 of Legends of Tomorrow has been canceled, and the cast has talked about it. Caity Lotz, who plays Legends leader Sara Lance, aka White Canary, shared on her Instagram story, “I am bummed! I’m sad because I’ll miss it so much ” Lotz has played Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow since the first episode aired in 2016.

It’s the end of an era for her and other regular cast members like Amy Louise Pemberton, Matt Ryan, Tom Forbes, and the rest of the Legends cast. “Working on Legends has been amazing.” In her Instagram story, Lotz went on to say. “It’s been such a long road, and I’m so thankful for it and all of you. Also, thanks. To all the fans of “Legends of Tomorrow,” we love you so much. And it’s been a lot of fun.”

When the cast heard the news, many shared behind-the-scenes photos and stories about their favorite times on the show on social media. Nick Zano’s character, Nick Heywood/Steel, was already going to leave the show at the end of season 7.

He marked the occasion with a lengthy Instagram post in which he called his time on the show “the craziest, most rewarding experience of my life.” It looks like the cast of Legends of Tomorrow loved the show just as much as its fans. After the show was canceled, fans said online that Legends of Tomorrow should still have a proper ending.

There is a chance that some Legends characters will appear in other Arrowverse shows if the CW finds a new home on HBO Max, but there is no future for the Legends. Both the fans and the cast of Legends of Tomorrow loved the show very much. Even though Booster Gold was added and the season 7 finale left a lot of questions unanswered, season 8 was still canceled.

Legends Of Tomorrow Was The First DC Casualty Of The WB Discovery Merger

Legends of Tomorrow was the first of many cancellations after WBD initiated cost-cutting attempts to offset the exorbitant cost of the merger. This occurred right before Warner Bros. and Discovery merged. The $90 million budget for Batgirl was converted into a tax write-off by WBD, saving them money by not pursuing Legends of Tomorrow season 8 and making the movie unlawful to release.

This is true even though excitement for both Michael Keaton‘s return as Batman and Batgirl’s first standalone film, both significant factors in DC fans’ enthusiasm for Batgirl, is still growing. The proposed Strange Adventures series and The Wonder Twins movie were canceled because of the WBD merger to save expenses and rearrange its material. The future of the Green Lantern television series, The Flash film, Blue Beetle film, and Justice League Dark television series is still unknown.

The good news is that the sequels to Shazam and Aquaman are postponed—not abandoned—while numerous other projects joined Legends of Tomorrow on the scrap heap. There isn’t much information about WBD’s plans for DC’s other allegedly future projects other than these two feature features.

The second-largest superhero property in the world is currently facing a very uncertain future. Hopefully, WBD will be able to make a more firm and long-term announcement shortly regarding its DC content. This is particularly true given that Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC’s main adversary, has been effectively generating interest with the information about its upcoming slate of films and television shows.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow didn’t get a season 8, and the show was canceled after the seventh season’s finale. Legends of Tomorrow, like the team it was based on, was DC’s plucky little CW show that could for seven seasons.

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