Is “Loving Adults” A Scary Movie?

A suspenseful infidelity drama with lots of unrealized promise
Anna Ekberg’s novel “Krlighed For Voksne” serves as the inspiration for the Netflix crime drama Loving Adults (Danish: “Kaerlighed for voksne”). Christian and Leonora are a couple trapped in an unhappy marriage, and their story is told throughout the film.

All outward appearances suggest that they are living the good life. This is truer than ever now that their son has finally recovered from a lengthy and serious illness. Skeletal remains are exposed when Leonora encounters her partner at a party with his coworker Xenia.

Barbara Rothenberg’s direction of Loving Adults, which she also wrote, creates a disturbing portrait of a troubled marriage. It looks like “Gone Girl,” but it’s much more sinister. Their marriage is in trouble, so they try to fix it in an unusual method.

Is Loving Adults a Scary Movie
Is Loving Adults a Scary Movie

Leonora chooses to keep Christian around despite his infidelity because of what she knows about his history with her husband, and Christian has good reason to kill her. Unfortunately for Christian, his plan to kill Leonora backfires and his life takes a somewhat tragic turn as a result.

Leonora and Christian’s relationship takes a dark turn after this. Christian, under pressure from his wife, commits another murder, which leads to further murders, and the ensuing mayhem is quite terrifying. Barbara Tops-Rothenberg and the writers pull off the reverse of what you’d anticipate from a love-crime story with impressive ease.

It develops an interesting storyline in which the betrayed spouse tries to keep their cheating partner from leaving by using psychological and physical means. When you mix attraction, deception, the emotional burdens of parental obligation, criminality, and a bleak relationship history from years ago, you get something unsettling and tough to deal with.

Due to its gory subject matter, this film is not recommended for children or the easily frightened. Audiences will doubt their allegiances and choose sides as the story of Christian and Leonora’s unhappy marriage progresses. Running is a major plot point that occurs multiple times.

The movie’s plot begins to take shape as Leonara dons her red windcheater and starts her runs. Christian’s initial hasty scheme stems from her preoccupation with ultramarathons. Once the controversy is revealed, we see that he is impulsive while she is methodical, therefore they handle situations in very different ways.

When Leonara pays a visit to her best friend, they rehash old gossip. Christian is moved by what her buddy says to him. Leonard tends to either throw herself completely into a task or gives up entirely. It sums up the entirety of his predicament.

The tale of Loving Adults centers on the all-too-familiar topics of divorce and violent acts committed out of passion. Loving Adult is an intriguing premise, but its plot isn’t that creative. It relies too much on cliches, such as the philandering husband and the mad, spiteful, twisted girlfriend.

In addition, it glosses over emotional challenges while discussing divorce and marriage. False drama is instead emphasized. A clichéd backstory for Leonora that serves no purpose is also included. The one saving grace of this Netflix thriller is the literary storytelling technique that gives it a novel-like vibe despite the erratic pacing of the narrator.

The plot has the structural integrity of an amoeba, despite the fact that the production standards are very high and the two main characters seem to be superior to the substance. The tension between the main characters in a film benefits from a revelation that comes as a surprise midway through.

On the flip side, nobody is willing to publicly make things difficult for the two main characters. We’re meant to have faith that the police will take the word of a pair who’ve been linked to two separate crime scenes in as little as a few weeks’ time.

There are a number of plot holes in the film, including the unbelievable idea that a high-end hotel would not have any surveillance cameras installed around the premises or that the police would not have access to roadside monitoring systems.

Is Loving Adults a Scary Movie
Is Loving Adults a Scary Movie

The investigators don’t even check Christian’s bank accounts! The fact that this story ends in such a terrible manner merely adds insult to injury. The plot may be flimsy, but the film succeeds because of well-crafted sequences and the great performances of the central couple. In sum, the acting is excellent.

The premise of Loving Adults is intriguing, but the movie itself fails to deliver. While interesting, the plot has some major problems that are difficult to overlook. There’s a lot of untapped promise in this thriller. Loving Adults has a lot of weighty problems, yet it’s still a fun watch.

Is Loving Adults Based On A Book?

Yes! Based on a novel by Anna Ekberg (a pen name for Anders Rnnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich), this pulpy Danish movie hails from the country’s thriving literary scene. “Till Death Do, Us Part” is the title of the novel.

Is “Loving Adults” A Scary Movie?

LOVING ADULTS is a brand-new Danish thriller that can be seen on Netflix. In spite of the fact that it relies on a number of tired tropes and clichés, it is nonetheless entertaining. We’ve reached the section of the genre that focuses on the psychological and sensual aspects.

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