SAS Rogue Heroes Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Where to Watch?

At the beginning of the episode, David Stirling (Connor Swindells) suggests that they form a line in order to formally greet the Free French. No one from the SAS makes a single move. Dave Kershaw (Bobby Schofield) inquires as to whether or not they would be willing to split the hashish.

To this end, Stirling advises him to make a gift only when solicited. A soldier reveals that he initially mistook the French flag for a plain white banner. Even if the French deserve it, Stirling says, there will be no negative stereotyping and childish bullying.

Poet Augustin Jordan (Cesar Domboy) is among the French, as Stirling reveals to Paddy Mayne (Jack O’Connell). There were more Germans slain by Sadler than by anyone else, he claims. Before firing, Paddy sounds the alarm that the French are 400 yards distant. Stirling jokes that they should write love sonnets to one other before having a strip match to decide who is the superior Spartan warrior.

SAS Rogue Heroes Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
SAS Rogue Heroes Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Paddy tells the man that having sand beneath the foreskin is one of the most excruciating circumstances imaginable, after assuring him that he never fights naked in the sand. Paddy says he’s been drinking, and Stirling asks if he’ll be respectful. According to Paddy, the final words he heard in French were “Please don’t shoot,” to which he reportedly replied, “I’m extremely sorry. I’m going to have to say it.”

When the French would arrive, they would line up for Paddy to check them. In defiance of Lieutenant Andre Zirnheld’s (Tom Hygreck) orders, Paddy gives Soldier X the new moniker of Grapes (Jordy Lagbre). Georges Berge (Virgil Bramly), a French officer, tells him that his soldiers can hardly speak English. For Stirling, it’s like how dogs talk to each other.

In a conversation with Paddy, Berge reveals that the German Walter Essner (Paul Boche) is invaluable at checkpoints. A genuine soldier, Essner reassures him. Paddy calls him a “turncoat” because he joined the French troops despite his anti-German feelings. Moritz Jahn’s Herbert Bruckner claims he is also of German descent. When Marc Halevy (Arthur Orcler) catches Paddy’s eye, he responds by kicking Essner’s hat into the air.

Berge reveals Halevy’s Jewishness and then says his family is in the camps. When Paddy cracks a smile, Halevy immediately requests a move to a location with more adversaries. After revealing that Randolph Churchill (Ian Davies), the son of Winston Churchill, will be joining them, Stirling advises they treat him cruelly.

Without a blueprint, Paddy gives the order to have the French soldiers erect a 30-foot scaffold. In response to Berge’s question on how they should split up, Paddy replies the French will compete against the Germans, non-French Legionnaires, and Jews. Paddy wonders why they didn’t inquire about the desert’s 30-foot scaffold and its function. Augustin asserts they are taught not to inquire further.

While Paddy fires at them from the scaffolding, the others threaten to jump to their deaths. Zirnheld uses the French term for “Irish clown” to characterize Paddy. Paddy encourages anyone who thinks his proposal is unfair to take action. To a soldier, Mike Sadler (Tom Glynn-Carney) is a driving instructor.

Whether or not explosives will be used in Benghazi is a question Randolph raises. If Benghazi is blown up, as Stirling claims, then Rommel will have no way to get to the Mediterranean. Randolph wants to know how they plan to reach Benghazi. Stirling reassures him that, in most cases, soldiers have no idea what’s going on.

His friend Randolph wants to know if he’ll be shaving. According to Stirling, the Italians will mistake them for Germans and open fire if Johnny Cooper (Jacob McCarthy) and his Italian accent are there. Paddy opens fire on the French soldiers as they erect their scaffolds. Augustin takes a revolver from his shorts and moves near where Paddy is hiding. Paddy sneaks up on him from behind after he shoots three shots.

Since they’re so similar, Paddy says he was hoping for more from him. As Paddy offers that they switch places, Augustin gets to his feet and puts the gun to his temple. According to Augustin, he’s “crazy.” To ensure there is no bullet in the chamber, Paddy shoots the gun. Augustin tells him he’s married and the father of a child.

Paddy observes that his staff is slacking off. Augustin gives the command to begin work as Paddy presses the trigger; the gun goes off this time.

Where to Watch SAS Rogue Heroes?

There is no US streaming availability for SAS: Rogue Heroes at this time. The program is available on the UK-only BBC iPlayer. On the other hand, you can watch the US premiere of EPIX on Prime Video, Apple TV, AT&T TV NOW, The Roku Channel, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

SAS Rouge Heroes Synopsis

Paddy was given the responsibility of teaching a French military unit by Stirling. The Frenchmen, now in two groups, each construct a 30-foot scaffold as Paddy fires at them. Meanwhile, Stirling put into action a strategy to destroy Benghazi, Rommel’s gateway to the Mediterranean. Randolph Churchill, son of Winston, accompanied the SAS on their mission.

Augustin, a French poet, creeps up on Paddy and gets a rough ride from the man himself. Paddy and Augustin seemed to have something in common even before they met. To bring the SAS into Benghazi, Stirling, who appeared to have dysentery, and Johnny, who spoke Italian, were entrusted with posing as civilians.

Johnny explained to a border patrol agent that the RAF raid had wiped out all of their documents. Even though Stirling pretended to be desperate, the security guard still wouldn’t let him use the restroom. They quickly realized that their car lacked a code on the top. The approaching military authorities exert enough pressure on the guard to get in.

The Frenchmen, their scaffolds nearly finished, set aside the final board as a show of solidarity. It was Paddy who first tried out the scaffolding. After a series of jumps by French soldiers, it was now Halevy’s turn. After Berge and his men rigged up a makeshift safety net, Paddy wouldn’t allow them use it. Halevy jumped in fear and fell flat on his face. Once more, the Frenchmen partied in honor of their victory.

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Bombs were planted all throughout Benghazi Harbor by Stirling, Johnny, Randolph, Jim, Riley, and Reg. They had to resort to shooting their way out of a potentially dangerous scenario when they couldn’t negotiate their way out of it. Paddy had had enough of Essner’s jeering at Halevy because of his Jewish faith. Before he stopped, he had attacked him and numerous other French officers. Augustin felt compassion for him because of his suffering.

Eve dropped into the SAS base to see Stirling and deliver a message to Randolph. He told her he was a drug addict. After stealing two vehicles from the enemy, Stirling and his men returned to the SAS base. Some of the French troops refused to train with Paddy because they believed he was insane.

As Stirling explained to Paddy, he must release Eoin. Despite his initial reluctance, he eventually revealed that he had been unable to locate Eoin’s body. However, he did agree to tell the Frenchmen that Stirling had slaughtered a gazelle in their honor, for which he offered no apology.

SAS: Rogue Heroes Review

It seemed like a waste of time to watch that episode. The mission to Benghazi received very little attention. SAS’s attempts to enter Benghazi took up more airtime than the mission itself. The scenes were extremely dim, making it difficult to follow the action. In fact, we could hardly make out the port.

Excellent addition to the event, the Frenchmen. It’s too bad they weren’t presented to the audience earlier in the season.

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Last Lines

Stirling assigned Paddy to instruct a French military battalion. The Frenchmen have split up into two groups; each is building a 30-foot scaffold as Paddy fires at them. While this was going on, Stirling devised a plan to obliterate Benghazi, Rommel’s port of entry into the Mediterranean. Winston Churchill’s son, Randolph, tagged along with the SAS.

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