Chesterfield Family Grieves After Mother and Children Are Shot to Death in Their House

A family in Chesterfield is still trying to deal with the deaths of four loved ones who were killed in their home a few days ago. JoAnna Cottle, 39, called 911 in a panic early Friday morning to report that someone was in her house.

A few seconds later, police heard gunshots coming from inside the Laurel Oak Road house. When police got inside, they found Cottle and her three children, Kaelyn, 13, and twins Jayson and Kinsey, both 4, dead.

Police caught Jonah Adams near his home in Waldorf, Maryland, a few hours after the murders. He used to be Cottle’s boyfriend and is the father of her twins.

“They were special people… even the little ones at 4 years old,” said Bobbie Ivey, Cottle’s sister. “They had just the brightest spirits, they were always happy. Those kids…you couldn’t meet them and not love them.”

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In an interview with 8news on Monday, Ivey talked about her past. She said that her sister JoAnna was her best friend and that her kids were her whole world.

Kaelyn went to middle school at Salem Church. “Kaelyn was just a huge part of her school, and I know the school and staff are hurting really bad because this is hard for anyone, but for a teenage kid to understand,” she said.

“There’s no understanding, because this is not something that should ever happen and no answer on why it happened that will ever satisfy anything.”

As of Monday night, the police had not said why the people were shot and killed. But it turned out that Cottle had tried to get a protective order against Adams, but a judge turned it down.

Police said they couldn’t say anything else because they were still looking into the case. Adams is being held in Maryland on four counts of first-degree murder. He is a veteran of the Navy.

Ivey said that her family will try to forgive, but for now, the most important thing is to remember the four lives that were cut short. “I know my family and I know we will get there, but there’s no justice. This should have never happened,” she said.

“For who they were, for what they brought to this world, everyone one that they touched.” At Salem Church Middle School, a vigil was held at 6 p.m.

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