How Did Christina Applegate Look Before Reported Plastic Surgery?

She still has a stunning appearance even without makeup. Although Christina Applegate, who stars in Dead to Me on Netflix is best known to many of us as Kelly Bundy from Married…With Children (1987–1997), she has accomplished a lot since then. She put in a lot of effort and never gave up to become one of the most well-known actors in the industry.

She seems to have struggled to shake off the fame that the show had bestowed upon her since throughout a significant portion of her career, people knew her as the blonde nerd. She took some time to develop into the lady many of us believed she was capable of becoming but now that she is here and has a career that she founded, one that doesn’t frequently demand her to be stupid or clichéd, she has.

It has been fantastic to watch her mature naturally since it has allowed her to display her genuine talents which have been nothing short of extraordinary. But recently, there have been a lot of discussions online over whether or not Christina Applegate has undergone plastic surgery. Has she visited a hospital? Let’s investigate.

Did Christina Applegate Really Get Plastic Surgery?

There is a lot of discussion regarding Christina Applegate’s plastic surgery history as there is with most long-established celebrities, particularly women as if it were more significant than, say, one’s intelligence and demeanor.

Christina Applegate Plastic Surgery
                                                  Christina Applegate Plastic Surgery

Christina doesn’t appear to have made any public comments about whether or not she’s undergone plastic surgery. This is most likely a result of the fact that she prefers to discuss topics like her charitable work and the Emmy Awards. Since then, the actress has been quite candid about having a double mastectomy in 2008 after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

Christina’s on-screen persona Jen underwent a double mastectomy in Dead to Me and Christina felt it was crucial to discuss this on television. USA Today quoted Christina as saying: I don’t believe there are many characters out there with double mastectomies, it hasn’t really been covered on series previously.

But I went through it and it was a physically, emotionally and spiritually agonizing process and I hardly ever talked about it. I figured this was my opportunity to share a little bit about myself and all the women who have experienced it. We truly enjoy Christina’s portrayal of Jen in Dead to Me, so it’s awful that Netflix hasn’t yet disclosed a release date for Season 3.

What A Beautiful Woman Christina Applegate Is Without Makeup!

You’ve undoubtedly already observed that everyone in the show is fairly fashionable as you impatiently await the release of Dead to Me Season 3 on Netflix.

Christina Applegate Plastic Surgery
                                                         Christina Applegate Plastic Surgery

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