Deep Indian Ocean Researchers Mystified by Strange Sea Life

The ocean is a wonderful, enigmatic phenomenon that is teeming with unusual species. A “bizarre” group of deep-sea species was recently discovered nearby underwater volcanoes in a distant location in the Indian Ocean.

Eels without eyes, bat-like fish and lizard fish with rows of razor-sharp teeth were among the startling discoveries made by scientists and researchers from the Museums Victoria Research Institute.

These species were reportedly found during an expedition to Australia’s isolated Cocos Islands Marine Park, which spans a territory of 290,213 square miles (467,054 square kilometers). Perth, in Western Australia, is 2,750 kilometers away from the discovery site or 1,708 miles away.

Deep Sea Life
                                                                               Deep Sea Life

It is noteworthy because the region is made up of two coral atolls that contain 27 little islands with white sand beaches, palm trees and lagoons. A blind eel with gelatinous skin was one of the previously unknown deep-sea creatures that the crew researched while taking samples from more than three miles beneath the ocean’s surface.

The researchers were captivated by the creature’s underdeveloped eyes which were found at a depth of more than three kilometers. Also found was a high-fin lizardfish which has both ovaries and testes at the same time.

A flatfish with eyes on one side of its head was also found, allowing it to see while lying on the seafloor. Additionally, deep sea batfish that move across the ocean floor on their armature-like fins were found.

The Sloane’s Viperfish was one of the most intriguing discoveries thanks to the lengthy light trail that ran along its underbelly. “The most notable deep-sea fashionistas are the fish. They have light organs, lures, rays transformed into tripods or camouflage appendages, large (or absent) eyes and appear in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Deep Sea Life
                                                                                  Deep Sea Life

Each species has adapted to the harsh deep-sea settings very well “According to the Daily Star, Museums Victoria Research Institute expedition chief scientist Tim O’Hara made the statement to Live Science.

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