Who Is Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend? Relationship History Revealed

Jimmy Garoppolo is a well-known American football quarterback who played quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. He also became well-known for his prior relationships with famous women.

If given the chance to be Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend, many women won’t miss it. All due to his well-known name and the wealth he has accumulated in recent years. Jimmy currently maintains a low profile and avoids drawing attention to himself. Additionally, He dislikes having his private matters broadcast in the public or on television.

Garoppolo, one of the NFL’s most fearless players would not allow anyone to arrange his affairs. Therefore, there may be a good reason why he has kept his companion in crime a secret.

Jimmy recently turned 27. But he denies having discovered the ideal partner and presents as single. Jimmy has also shared romantic moments with some stunning women. So, let’s explore his prior dating history under the topics below!

Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend, Alexandra King

After finally meeting Alexandra King in early 2017, Jimmy Garoppolo began dating her. The 6-foot-2-inch athlete was then a member of the New England Patriots. For those who are interested, Alexandra is an Instagram celebrity and model who frequently shares content about her lifestyle on the platform.

In February 2018, King also referred to Garoppolo as her “Valentine” which sparked a number of suspicions and conjectures. When Jimmy met the media, he consistently refuted the claims. After all, their partnership was unable to survive as long as they had hoped.

Jimmy garoppolo girlfriend
                                                                                        Jimmy Garoppolo girlfriend

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that being associated with an NFL great propelled her into the spotlight. Let’s examine Alexandra’s arguments and her experiences with the QB in light of this.

When Did Alexandra & Jimmy Officially Begin Dating?

The San Francisco 49ers and Garoppolo agreed to a five-year, $137.5 million contract in 2017. The quarterback’s relationship with the glitzy model Alexandra was another major topic in the sports media at the same time. It was widely reported that he had an affair with Alexandra. They had been dating, nevertheless for a long time prior to the revelation.

Later, on Valentine’s Day in February 2018, the model shared a photo with Garoppolo on social media, referring to him as her “valentine.” Similarly to this, a month later, the couple could be seen enjoying fun together at Disneyland. They were seen holding hands, kissing and traveling together, so the connection appeared to be real. But Jimmy emphasized that the connection was merely a casual buddy in an interview with Bleacher Report.

Jimmy found it tough to keep his relationship with the Instagram model a secret from the public. Jimmy didn’t share any pictures of them together on social media either.

Alexandra & Jimmy Allegedly Split Up!

Garoppolo went on a candlelight supper with adult film star Kiara Mia after splitting up with Alexandra King. The betrayal immediately appeared to have strained Jimmy’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Jimmy garoppolo girlfriend
                                                                                 Jimmy Garoppolo girlfriend

Alexandra consequently deleted all of their pictures from her Instagram account. This later prompted a lot of people to think that the two had split up. Additionally, she shared an Instagram story regarding Jimmy’s injuries during a game with the caption “Karma.”

Later that year, Jimmy sustained an ACL injury that ended his season. King posted a piece at the same time that used the word “Karma” to cast doubt on him. She might have been implying that the NFL star received his just desserts for leaving her for another woman. If Jimmy saw it, it might damage him.

Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend, Kiara Mia

Jimmy Garoppolo’s rumored affair with Kiara Mia undoubtedly stirred up the internet. While still in a relationship with Alexandra King, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback started dating the adult movie actor in the middle of 2018.

Are you aware? For her amazing performance in the 2005 American action-crime procedural movie Harsh Times, Kiara Mia is most recognized. She also appeared in David Ayer’s film as Eva Longoria’s co-star alongside Christian Bale.

Jimmy garoppolo girlfriend
                                                                                       Jimmy Garoppolo girlfriend

But in 2011, Kiara made her startling entrance into the world of adult movies. She was in her mid-30s at the time. In addition, she received a nomination for the AVN Awards’ best female actress category.

Have A Look At Kiara Mia Early Life

Kiara Mia was born in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, on May 20, 1976. For instance, she had an alcoholic father and was raised in a conservative Latino home. As a result, she had severe anxiety and fear throughout her youth. When her sibling was born, the family’s ordeal eventually came to an end. At that time, she was 11 years old. Her family was also quite spiritual and practiced Christianity.

Some Information Kiara Mia Career

Kiara Mia desired fame and a position in the big-budget film business. As a result, she enrolled in acting classes when she was just 14. Kiara, however, recognized at a young age that she could not make ends meet. She thus began working as a web designer, a job she still holds now. Eventually, she was chosen for the 2006 action-crime film Harsh Times.

Kiara also had the opportunity to demonstrate her acting prowess in the comedic television program Beach Heat: Miami. For two seasons, she ran on the Showtime network for 26 episodes. Later, in 2015, she starred in the comedy Maul Dogs.

James Was Selected By The National Football League In 2014

Jimmy Garoppolo was selected by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He additionally supported Tom Brady in the Super Bowls of 2014 and 2016.

Finally, Garoppolo was started in the opening contest of the 2016 campaign by coach Bill Belichick. He participated in six games during his first season and five during the next one. He was eventually traded from the Patriots to the San Francisco 49ers in October 2017.

Notably, Jimmy finished the 2017 season with 292 passing yards and two touchdowns against Sean McVay’s Los Angeles Rams, who were led by Jared Goff. Sadly, he was unable to win the championship for his club in the 2019 Super Bowl LIV.

Jimmy also scored two touchdowns in the opening game of the 2020 season against the Arizona Cardinals. He did, however, miss two games due to an ankle sprain that occurred in the following round. Additionally, against the Miami Dolphins, Garoppolo made a comeback and grabbed two interceptions. He was advised to take a break to recover before the following game, though.

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