Shaq Divorce: Reason Behind Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie Split

You may be interested in Shaq’s divorce history. In 1996, not only did the NBA superstar Shaq marry film marketer Shaunie Nelson, but he also left the Orlando Magic for the Los Angeles Lakers and earned a stunning $120 million. During their conversation about their romance, Shaunie admitted that Shaq was the first NBA player she had ever dated.

While the couple kept their romance out of the spotlight, they did have reason to celebrate in 2000 when they became parents to a son they called Shareef Rashaun. Later, after a January 2000 Lakers game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Shaq verified the happy news himself, adding that, while he doesn’t talk about his personal life, he is a proud father. Their happiness as a married couple didn’t last long, though. Let’s examine the whole story of Shaq’s split, including the tidbits that nobody ever talks about.

Shaq Divorce
Shaq Divorce

Here is Everything We Know About Shaq’s Divorce

September 2007: In a surprising turn of circumstances, Shaquille divorced Shaunie in September 2007. Reportedly, the petition stated that the marriage between the two parties was hopelessly damaged. Pat Reilly, Shaq’s coach with the Miami Heat at the time, said he was “devastated” to hear the news of the couple’s split. Riley continued by saying he was disappointed by the news, but that he was confident Shaq and the team could figure things out, as do most couples.

October 2007: In response to Shaq’s petition for divorce, Shaunie filed a move to reject it in court. She filed the motion asking for a three-month delay so that they could work on their marriage. Shaunie disagreed with Shaq, who believed their marriage to be hopelessly doomed. At a later date, Shaunie denied the allegations that she had been hiding her wealth in the divorce papers. Moreover, she asserted that she had nothing to conceal.

August 2008: the couple confirmed rumors that they had resolved their problems and were planning to end the divorce procedures. Shaunie went on to say that they probably couldn’t figure out between them why they were getting one. And she added that everything was OK.

November 2009: Although they reconnected following the initial separation announcement in November 2009, their reunion lasted only a few months until Shaunie filed for divorce from Shaq in Los Angeles. It was out that fundamental disagreements were to blame. Furthermore, Shaunie has requested sole custody of the couple’s four children, with visiting rights extended to Shaq. Later, Shaunie acknowledged that she was afraid of being alone and having to do everything by herself.

March 2010: A divorce settlement between Shaquille and Shaunie was finalized. After months of litigation across both California and Florida, the estranged pair ultimately reached an agreement on all terms of the divorce, including parts of property, custody, and support.

November 17, 2011: The retired athlete revealed his divorce in his biography Shaq Uncut: My Story. Shaq has not only admitted to cheating on his ex-wife, but he has also stated that he was not the “best partner” to her. The sportsman further confessed that partnerships require upkeep and that he was ultimately not the right person to share it with Shaunie. But Shaq said he is maturing and changing as a result of his education.

March 12, 2021: Shaunie describes her fantastic co-parenting relationship with her previous husband, Shaquille. Shaunie opened up about her relationship with the ex-NBA player and their parenting of their four children during an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show. She said that they had an excellent co-parenting relationship and that it had taken them a while to get there, but that once they did, they were able to be completely open and honest with each other.

Last Lines

Maybe you’re curious about Shaq’s ex-wives. Not only did NBA great Shaq marry film marketer Shaunie Nelson in 1996, but he also made a career-best $120 million after moving from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers. As they talked about their relationship, Shaunie revealed that Shaq was the first NBA player she had ever dated.

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