The Original Walking Dead Season Finale Ended Extremely Different

The reappearance of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) who were previewing their spin-off series, marked the end of “The Walking Dead’s” 11-season run. A completely different conclusion to “TWD,” one that paid homage to both Robert Kirkman’s comic book and the show’s premiere from 2010, would have been viewed by fans if the pair hadn’t made an appearance in a surprise coda which was shot in August, months after the series ended.

Greg Nicotero, the director and executive producer of the finale, revealed in an interview that the Rick and Michonne sequence had to be deleted from the last act. “When it was decided to include the coda, we feared that a scene we had already shot would conflict with the Rick and Michonne encounter. Thus, we removed it “Over Zoom, Nicotero spoke with Insider.

Walking Dead Season Finale Ended
                                                         Walking Dead Season Finale Ended

The “cut sequence” was really the finale’s original ending, which would have leaped forward in time, a source close to the show later revealed to Insider. The information below was confirmed by a second person acquainted with the show who wished to remain anonymous but whose identity is known to Insider.

The Original Ending Of “The Walking Dead” Was Described As Follows

After Daryl rode off, the action was cut to the Freedom Parkway, just outside of Atlanta where Rick descended from the plane in the famous scene. A young guy and woman are seated in the front seats of a van adapted to run on ethanol (in their twenties).

And as the scene progresses, we understand that RJ and Judith are ad*lts. In the back are ad*lt versions of the youngsters like Coco, Gracie, etc. They are present and prepared to accompany any survivors to their homes. they are preserving their parents’ heritage.

RJ concludes his speech over the radio by saying: “Respond if you can hear me. Rick Grimes here.” (Which is naturally his name—as well as the line Rick uttered in the pilot.) Finally, we hear a survivor’s voice responding, “…Hello?”

Walking Dead Season Finale Ended
                                                          Walking Dead Season Finale Ended

While “it’s not a ‘universe'” or a “world building'” finale,” one person told Insider that they felt the original ending brought everything full circle and that they thought “it was fitting, emotionally.” The original finale, according to a second person, “was canned,” maybe because it didn’t make sense to “end the program on ‘new versions of characters we don’t truly know,” they said.

An Emotional Conclusion, But Perhaps Not The Best One

The seven previous episodes’ brief introductions by Judith were meant to set up the original ending. The original ending would have paid homage to the comic moving ahead 25 years in the end and the program’s origins but it would not have had the same emotional impact on some of the other kids that the show never really spent time developing, even if they are the next generation.

A conclusion starring fresh faces certainly didn’t seem as impactful as one featuring cherished franchise stars who fans have been clamoring to see. Additionally, the network might have believed that showing Judith and R.J. as ad*lts would have limited any potential future stories involving those characters in the “TWD” universe.

Walking Dead Season Finale Ended
                                                       Walking Dead Season Finale Ended

The show only fast-forwards by a year and instead depicts everyone contentedly residing in one of three villages. The sequence with Rick and Michonne is then expanded and essentially functions as a lengthy spin-off advertisement. The scene may have stopped there but it then briefly returns to Judith and R.J. in the present.

The original code and ending were incompatible since they steered viewers in two separate directions. AMC chose the more predictable conclusion in the hopes that viewers would tune in even if they weren’t watching live to catch a peek at Lincoln and Gurira. Both of these conclusions are only partially gratifying.

Lincoln came up with one of the finest ending hypotheses over the years, suggesting that it should conclude with Rick getting bitten and realizing he was the cure all along. But many viewers have yearned for Rick and Michonne to meet up with everyone at the Commonwealth or Alexandria at the end of the episode since Rick departed the show in 2018.

The Rick and Michonne spin-off could have easily been a short-run television program in which the couple discussed their return home. Maybe at some point in the spin-off, we’ll see them reunited with everyone at one of those villages. More information about how Rick and Michonne’s cameo in the finale came about can be found here.

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Final Words

This past weekend marked the conclusion of The Walking Dead, a television series that helped define our generation. The huge reveal was something our own Rob Bricken described as “everything that everybody still watching the show wanted to see,” in addition to closing up as many core tales as it could.

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