Why Wife Wanted Divorce if Husband Bought a Tesla?

Selina tweeted on Twitter that, “if her husband is looking at an electric Tesla Car if he bought or voted for that car she would give a divorce to him”. Tesla is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company. Tesla develops and produces a variety of renewable energy tools including solar panels, solar roof tiles, solar battery storage systems and electric vehicles.

But why did she give that statement to her husband? Is this car really a waste of money? Let’s read why she tweeted this.

Why Wife Wanted Divorce if Husband Bought a Tesla?

Seline tweeted on November 20, 2022, for Tesla electric car that if her husband bought or vote conservatively for the Tesla car she gave a divorce to him. Tesla is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company. With a market capitalization of over US$840 billion, Tesla is not only one of the world’s most valuable companies, but also the most valuable automaker in the world. The company dominated the global market for battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles in 2021, selling more of the former by a wide margin.

The company is a leading developer and installer of photovoltaic systems in the US through its subsidiary Tesla Energy. In 2021, Tesla Energy will have installed 3.99 GWh of battery energy storage systems making it one of the world’s largest suppliers of such systems.

Let’s read if her statement true for Tesla. What are the disadvantages of Tesla?

What are the Disadvantages of the Tesla Electric Car?

The “rated” range is significantly higher than the actual range. The manufacturer claims that my 90D has a range of 280–290 miles. Under typical driving conditions, the actual range is closer to 200 miles. It’s possible that battery degradation is more widespread than people think. Many long-time owners attest that their vehicles’ cruising range has not diminished at all.

However, this is the vehicle’s range demonstration. It’s possible that the displayed range is unrealistic. Battery life depreciation may not be taken into account, which is even worse. This is the case with my car: it is a 90D which has a usable capacity of about 72 kWh. However, even at 100% charge, the display only shows a range of 285 miles. I’ve got a real-world range of between 200 and 220 miles at a power consumption rate of 350 Wh/mile.

Those in the back will have to settle for a cramped bench. Low levels of comfort and padding. There isn’t an armrest in the middle. This is in part because they fold forward to increase storage space. Indeed, their asking price is excessive. Prices for such automobiles should range between $60,000 and $80,000. That “worth” is relative is something I am aware of. There is a “novelty” element built into the price if you prefer that term.

What Are the Public Reviews On her tweet?

Someone reacted to her tweet,” It’s too bad you have such a crappy marriage that you resort to divorce threats over inconsequential issues”

It seems like he made a bad choice in wives. You two are supposed to be life partners, but instead, you want to dictate his every thought, vote, and purchase. The sooner he leaves, the less likely he is to spiral into depression. I really want him to get a Tesla so he can prove to everyone that he is a man.

Someone said, “If I were your husband, I’d spring for the Tesla and save myself a lot of headaches in the long run.” Investing in a Tesla may save your life. Tesla is the safest car on the road. I would immediately go out and purchase a Tesla if I were your husband.

Final Lines

What’s your opinion about the tesla electric car? If you are a wife then what’s your answer to Selina’s statement? Must share your answer with us in the comments section below. For more updates and details stay connected with us.

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Frequently Asked

Why Tesla is not the best electric car?

Consumer Reports ranks Tesla vehicles as the second-least reliable brand. There have been numerous reports of dissatisfaction from Tesla customers, who have experienced issues such as body hardware failures, water leaks, nonfunctional trunks and delays upon delays. Furthermore, the price of a Tesla vehicle is still high.

Are Teslas expensive to fix?

True, repairs for Teslas can break the bank. The average annual cost of maintaining a Tesla, as estimated by RepairPal, is $832. Annual costs for all makes and models of cars averaged out to just $652. When compared to all other automakers, Teslas have the third-worst reliability rating.

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