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Amancio Ortega, the creator of Zara has declared Apple wants to buy Manchester United

Apple wants to buy Manchester United

Apple wants to buy Manchester United

Apple, a technology titan, is interested in purchasing Manchester United.

The corporation is prepared to make a blockbuster acquisition offer of £5.8 billion, according to The Daily Star. One of the largest corporations in the world, Apple is worth more than the owners of Manchester City and Newcastle United combined.

If this deal is approved, United will surpass all other sports teams in wealth, with an estimated value of £2 trillion and annual revenue of £326 billion. According to the article, the California-based company has never owned a football team the size of United.

But CEO Tim Cook is eager to investigate the potential prospects that controlling United would bring. He will schedule meetings with The Raine Group and other banks designated to supervise the sale.

According to the report, Apple funding the construction of a brand-new, state-of-the-art stadium that would be regarded as the best in the world could be a component of Cook’s plan.

The Glazers announced their plans to sell the club in a statement on Tuesday night. After 17 years, fans have finally gotten what they wanted.

Undoubtedly, many buyers will be drawn to a club the size of United. Given their business practices, the owners would want to receive a sizable profit when selling their most valuable possession.

Unbelievable rumors Manchester United is Apple’s target

Over the years, we at Macworld have covered scores of Apple purchases, both natural and hypothetical. However, the most recent business that Apple is considering purchasing is an odd one: the soccer team Manchester United.

Apple executives “have expressed an interest in discussing a potential deal” with current owners Joel and Avram Glazer, according to The Daily Star on Thursday. Apple is expected to spend closer to £5.8 billion than the initial asking price of £8.25 billion (approximately $10 billion).

Apple wants to buy Manchester United

The record price of £4.25 billion set by Chelsea FC in May would be shattered by these astronomical sums in the world of sports. For the Glazers, who acquired Manchester United for less than £800 million in 2005, it would also mean a sizable profit. But it’s comparatively little change for Apple, who made its bid money in the last quarter’s decreased iPad revenue alone.

Before we continue, we’ll state that this will likely not happen. Despite our sarcastic remark about iPad sales, Apple has no prior experience managing a sports team, so doing so would be a considerable risk.

As we’ve seen with Elon Musk and Conor McGregor, who has claimed to be interested in buying the club, it’s good to be wary of any Apple acquisition rumors, but even more so of those involving Manchester United because it’s an obvious target for publicity seekers. This narrative, which involves two of the most well-known brand names in the world, is ideal for rumor mongers because, if it weren’t genuine, someone would make it up.

Despite this, the concept does have some appeal. One of the Apple TV+ service’s most popular shows over the past two years is “Ted Lasso,” a comedy about a naïve but endearing American coach taking over a storied British football team. The firm will also soon begin streaming MLS soccer games in the US. It would have more clout in extending coverage internationally if it owned a Premiership club.

Additionally, having the Apple logo embroidered on Man Utd uniforms would be a fantastic marketing strategy. (However, a potential snag is that in August, Qualcomm and the soccer team engaged in a “multi-year worldwide strategic relationship,” which would make for some entertaining meetings.)

Although the narrative is intriguing, it is unlikely to be genuine. As they say in soccer, this is a knock-on pitching outside leg stump: Miss and a foul. Please get new balls.


Amancio Ortega wants to buy Manchester United. He owns the company Inditex, which owns the clothing store, Zara.

Forbes says that Ortega, who is 86 years old, is worth $61.3 billion, and it is thought that he has told senior executives about his interest in United.

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