Did Chloe And Toby Break Up? What They Said About Their Split?

An alleged breakup between Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, contestants on Love Island UK in 2021, has sparked rumors of a further Love Island UK couple dissolution. Many of Chloe’s admirers will be shocked by this development, which Chloe calls a “violation,” but as we all know, rumors aren’t always true. What we do know is this…

Despite having recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, it appears that the runner-up couple may have decided to end their relationship, following in the footsteps of season seven’s winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon’s announcement of their breakup.

For those who need a refresher, Chloe and Toby offered us a will-they-won’t-they tale to equal that of Ross and Rachel and some of the most memorable memes from Love Island, most notably Chloe’s “no whey, no whey” catchphrase. The couple’s time in the villa was fraught with challenges, but their post-Love Island lives appeared to be smooth sailing; they even moved in together.

They had been posting lovey-dovey Instagram photos and TikTok movies about one other only weeks before their “breakup.” This is undoubtedly why so many of their followers are doubting whether or not they have truly parted ways. So, how about we look into this?

Did Chloe And Toby Break Up
Did Chloe And Toby Break Up

Did Chloe and Toby Break Up?

Neither Chloe nor Toby have come out and said they’re broken up, but it seems to be the case. Despite the lack of a joint statement from Millie and Liam, the Daily Mail(opens in new tab) has reported that the couple is making ‘arrangements’ to split up after having ‘grown apart.’ The couple presently shares a £1 million pad in Essex.

After putting their hearts and souls into their love, Chloe and Toby allegedly found themselves on different paths. “There’s been no wrongdoing, they have simply grown apart, and over time realized it’s better for them both to split.”

An insider said, “Naturally, Chloe has found the breakup difficult but being able to spend time abroad with Millie has given her the space she needed to start moving on.”  The breakup has been linked to Chloe’s recent vacation with her best friend Millie, with Chloe allegedly jet-setting away to get “space” and heal.

Chlo and Tobbes had previously denied rumors that they had separated after fans saw that they hadn’t been talking on Instagram or being seen together, so we can’t help but keep a little hopeful until we hear otherwise.

Not only have they not deleted any evidence of their relationship from their respective social media accounts, but their many adorable couple selfies can still be found there as well. Fans believe Toby may have verified the news and taken a cheeky jab at Chloe on TikTok, so this time our manifesting may be in vain.

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What Have Chloe and Toby Said About Their Split?

Toby’s’response’ to the news has angered some Chloe supporters, despite Chloe’s silence on the matter. The football star took to TikTok, posting a video of himself grinning down the camera with the statement, “I don’t need a BeReal, I need to BeSingle.” He also captioned the video: “Arhhh shiiiii here we go again…”

Some viewers thought this was “quite humid” (sorry, another Chloe Love Island quote there), and one said, “Ah, his age is showing.” In the words of another, “It’s not even been 24 hours yet…damn.” To be fair, it’s also possible that she was being snarky in response to the reports, but at this point, we’re all just waiting to see what Chloe does.

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Last Lines

As a result of the rumored split between Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, 2021’s Love Island UK contestants, rumors of yet another couple’s breakup have surfaced.

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