Elon Musk Has Made a Fresh Claim: Hate Speech on Twitter Has Decreased by 1/3

On Thursday, Twitter’s CEO and the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, thanked the team for successfully cutting down on hate speech on the microblogging site by more than a third. Musk illustrated the rise in hate speech on the internet in a tweet by including a graph showing the rise in such speech from October 20 to November 20.

Elon Musk Has Made a Fresh Claim Hate Speech on Twitter Has Decreased by 13
Elon Musk Has Made a Fresh Claim Hate Speech on Twitter Has Decreased by 13

The graph demonstrates that on October 20th, hate speech impressions were approximately 2.5 million and that in the days following, they skyrocketed to almost 10 million. The graph drops below the 2.5 million mark on November 20 following the initial increase. Musk captioned the graph with, “Hate speech impressions down by 1/3 from pre-spike levels. Congrats to Twitter team!”

He then replied to the same tweet and said, “I have half a mind to wag my finger at the 1500 accounts that caused the spike, but I shall forebear.” Musk claims that Twitter’s limits on the number of tweets made each day and each hour is to blame for the platform’s drop in hate speech. Users are limited to 2,400 tweets each day, with no more than 100 allowed per hour. He remarked, “Reducing the max allowed tweets/day to a number below what a speed typist on meth could do was helpful.”

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Musk has been a champion of free expression, and his response to the hateful accounts shows that his commitment to this principle prevents him from punishing them. Musk has also repeatedly brought up the problem of spam and automated accounts on the microblogging service. Musk envisioned the new Twitter Blue membership, which went live on November 9 to combat bots after he finalized the $44 billion deal a week prior.

They could spend $8 to get verified and get the blue check mark. The revised Blue model only worked for a day before causing even more confusion. Before Twitter could remove them, numerous phony accounts impersonating famous people appeared with the verification checkmark after paying for it; these accounts spread enough confusion with their tweets, many of which did engage in hate speech and fake news.

Revisions to suspension policies were another major shift introduced by the Musk regime on Twitter. Any impersonation account that doesn’t specify “parody” in the bio will now be suspended by the microblogging service. American actress and comedian Kathy Griffin, who had been mimicking Musk on Twitter, had her account one of the first to be terminated without prior notice.

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Last Lines

Twitter CEO and the world’s richest man Elon Musk commended the team on Thursday for reducing hate speech by more than a third on the microblogging service. Musk tweeted a graph depicting the exponential growth of online hate speech from October 20 to November 20.

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