How to Season a Turkey: The Top 11 Tips For The Best Turkey!

Food For the Seasons!

You probably already have everything from the best sides to the most perfectly baked pies planned out for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. And the traditional turkey is all set up and ready to go. Since there has been a shortage of turkeys this year, you should plan ahead and purchase your holiday bird early.

Don’t forget to season your carefully selected turkey before putting it in the oven. A regular turkey can be transformed into a fantastic bird with the help of the right turkey recipes and some fine tuning of the seasoning.

Season Under the Skin

It’s easy to get in the habit of treating turkey like any other protein and simply sprinkling the seasonings on top. However, seasoning under the skin yields the most flavor. This is the best advice we can give on the subject of turkey seasoning.

As a result, the flavours of the spices are fully absorbed by the meat. Furthermore, the skin can be peeled off after cooking if desired, without sacrificing any of the herbaceous flavour.

How to Season a Turkey
How to Season a Turkey

Salt and pepper are the foundation of any good seasoning regimen. However, these staples can be elevated with the addition of complementary fall herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage. You’re free to try new things with the help of your go-to spice combinations.

Brine Your Bird

The Thanksgiving turkey can benefit from a simple brine to enhance its flavour and tenderness. Turkey meat can be made more tender and more evenly flavoured and moist by soaking it in a saltwater mixture.

The most basic brine is just salt water, but we like to boost the flavour by adding herbs and spices. The ideas you’ll find in these turkey brine recipes are sure to come in handy. Keep in mind, though, that brining is an approach that requires some advanced preparation.

Allow your bird to soak in the brine for at least four hours (though overnight is best, so start a full day ahead). Make sure you have a food-safe container big enough for your bird before you start brining.

Season Inside the Turkey

Season the interior of your holiday main dish as well as the exterior. Season the turkey thoroughly, inside and out. Don’t miss a single crevice. Because of this, your roast will have unparalleled flavour. The technique is useful whether you’re roasting, grilling, or even frying your turkey.

Fill With Aromatics

Aromatic ingredients are preferable to stuffing when preparing a turkey. (Shocking news: it’s not safe to cook stuffing inside a turkey.) Ingredients like onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary, and sage are essential for creating that classic Thanksgiving flavor.

Add halved lemons or oranges to amp up the scent. The citrus will brighten the turkey up and keep it juicy. Here is a comprehensive rundown of alternative stuffing options for your Thanksgiving bird.

Coat With Flavored Butter

Butter always seems to improve things. To add a new dimension of flavor to a classic turkey and crisp up the skin, rub flavoured butter under the skin. Don’t be intimidated if you’re cooking for the first time for the holidays, this is a simple way to add flavour to the main dish.

Try a Marinade

Marinades aren’t limited to grilling purposes. If you want a roast that’s full of flavour all the way through, try marinating your turkey in a mixture of broth, spices, and lemon juice, like we do in our Marinated Thanksgiving Turkey. Your turkey, like a piece of meat in a brine, needs time in the marinade to absorb all the flavour.

Glaze the Turkey

Add more flavour with a glaze that’s bright and aromatic. Glazing a turkey increases its already delicious skin’s flavour. Glazes are a simple and fast way to give your main dish that extra something special. The apricot glaze for the turkey requires only four simple ingredients.

Crack Open a Beer

Beer can be used to flavour a Thanksgiving turkey in the same way that it can be used to brine a chicken or cook brisket. Use your preferred beer as a baster rather than the pan juices when cooking a bird. There’s no need to go all out, but the beer should be of a quality that you’d appreciate.

How to Season a Turkey
How to Season a Turkey

Inject Flavor

In spite of its intimidating appearance, this technique packs a powerful punch in terms of enhancing the turkey’s flavour. If you want a juicy and flavorful turkey, a flavour injector can help you achieve that by injecting extra ingredients (like broth and melted butter) into the meat of the bird.

Layer On the Gravy

After carving the turkey, you can season it with a delicious gravy. Use this recipe as a starting point, or consult our comprehensive guide to perfect gravy. Your main dish and all the accompaniments will benefit greatly from this sauce’s flavorful seasoning. In any case, who doesn’t enjoy a heaping helping of gravy over their mashed potatoes?

Serve It With a Sauce

Even though gravy is the standard condiment for turkey, there are other ways to boost the flavour without adding too much fat. To spice things up, try serving your turkey with a fruit-based sauce, like this raspberry sauce or compote.