When and where will the Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical Release?

A musical that can be streamed is being created from the timeless Matilda tale!

If you aren’t a frequent theatergoer, you might not be aware that the story of Matilda has been adapted into a musical. That is until Netflix revealed that they would be making the West End sensation into a streamable spectacular. This vibrant, family-friendly comedy will feature larger emotional character arcs, sing-along songs about how disgusting kids are, and an expansion of the well-known, beloved tale.

We’ve put up this simple-to-navigate guide to assist you in finding everything you need to know before viewing the fantastic movie if you’re interested in learning more about the enchanted Matilda musical.

When and where will the musical Matilda debut?

Fortunately, Matilda, the Musical won’t require you to travel to Broadway this holiday season. The fantasy movie will be available to stream from Home thanks to Netflix, making it ideal for households with young children who aren’t yet able to sit through a theatre performance or adults who want to relive their childhoods and eat an entire chocolate cake by themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, you may see if the movie is coming to your neighborhood theatre as part of its limited release if you desire a theatrical experience.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical
Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical

Matilda will be launched in a few theatres on December 9, followed by a streaming release on December 25, 2022, so get a lovely friend as you read about in books, an entire chocolate cake, and a seat in front of your perfect TV or local cinema.

View the Matilda the Musical Trailer

The first trailer for Matilda, released on June 15, 2022, provides viewers a glimpse of the reinvented setting, including the intimidating Headmistress Trunchbull, the tall, gated school, and a portion of the beloved song “Revolting Children.”

The iconic scenes of Bruce Bogtrotter devouring the giant chocolate cake and Amanda Thripp having her pigtails hammer-thrown over the schoolyard fence are also visible in the preview. On October 13, the second trailer for the film was made available; you can see it below.

YouTube video

Who Is in the Cast of Matilda the Musical?

Alisha Weir, a rising star in the acting world, plays Matilda Wormwood. Weir has previously appeared in horror and thriller films like the 2018 movie Don’t Leave Home, but this will be his debut part in a children’s picture. Emma Thompson, a celebrated actress best known for her role in Sense and Sensibility, will play the constantly irate Miss Trunchbull, who is delighted she was never a child.

Thompson is doing the role faithfully based on what we have seen so far, sneering behind her tight hairdo as she terrorizes the kids of Crunchem Hall, exactly as Pam Ferris did in the 1996 film adaption. Before casting brave little Matilda into the chokey, let’s hope Thompson says the famous Trunchbull adage, “the apple never rots far from the tree.” The fear of nostalgia is already sweeping over us!

Miss Honey is portrayed by Lashana Lynch (No Time to Die), who is charming, warm, and wise. The self-absorbed, negligent mother, Mrs. Wormwood, formerly portrayed by Cheers actress Rhea Perlman, will be played by Andrea Riseborough (Birdman). The part of Mr. Wormwood will be played by Stephen Graham (Snatch). Graham is stepping into the job formerly played by actor and producer Danny DeVito of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so he has some big shoes to fill.

In addition to acting in the 1996 Matilda adaption, DeVito produced, directed, and narrated the movie. He famously told his daughter, “I’m smart, you’re dumb, I’m huge, you’re small, I’m right, you’re wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” in his portrayal of the sleazy used car salesman.

Meesha Garbett (Cats) will also appear as Hortensia, Matilda’s new classmate. In his debut performance with credit, Charlie Hodson-Prior plays the cake-eating Bruce Bogtrotter. Lavender, a classmate of Matilda’s played by Rei Yamauchi Fulker, will also make an appearance, while Amanda Thripp, with pigtails, will be played by Winter Jarrett-Glasspool.

What Differences Exist Between Matilda the Musical and the Original Story and Film?

Instead of a remake of the 1996 movie, Matilda the Musical is an adaptation of the stage musical. Despite sharing a common root with the musical, the two are considerably different, and the Netflix version has already made several clear distinctions from the original. A five-year-old girl who is abandoned by her family and finds solace only in books, which take her into new worlds, is the subject of the original novel, which was written by author Roald Dahl and published in 1988.

While seated in her tiny room in a village in England, she traverses the entire world. When Matilda first enrolls in Crunchem Hall, she encounters the dreadful headmistress Miss Trunchbull and her kind teacher Miss Honey. Suddenly realizing she has telekinesis after being taunted by the Trunch, Matilda decides to utilize her gifts for good, regaining Miss Honey’s Home and persuading her neglectful parents to leave her behind with her teacher. At the same time, they flee to Spain after being busted for selling stolen car parts.

The setting was switched from England to America and from Spain to Guam in the 1996 movie, among other alterations. Along with changing Matilda’s age and the family’s look, Mrs. Phelps’ narrative function has also undergone significant changes. Furthermore, Matilda employs telekinesis more frequently in this adaptation than in any other.

There are several instances in which the Musical departs from the plot. The story of the fearless telekinetic five-year-old takes place in canonical England, focusing on Matilda’s feelings of neglect. The child lies to her teachers about how wonderful her home life is and how proud her parents are of her, but they think she’s a mistake they can’t understand. Due to space constraints, the stage musical had to relocate several scenes. Thus the scene in which Matilda visits Miss Honey’s former Home does not appear.

However, the plot is still present, with the instructor singing about her sentiments in the song “My House.” The story of the escapologist and the acrobat occurs at a circus surrounded by colorful fireworks. The Wormwoods’ lavish maximalist Home is complete with two pink armchairs in front of their perfect television set.

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These plot points from the musical are featured in the new film in grander, expanded scenes. While Matilda uses her powers in the musical, the story doesn’t place nearly as much emphasis on them; instead, it emphasizes Matilda’s strength, energy, and intelligence, as well as her desire to improve her life.


Matilda will be released in theatres on December 9, followed by a streaming release on December 25, 2022. Grab a book friend, a chocolate cake, and a seat in front of your beautiful TV or local cinema.

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