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Tom Vitale Net Worth: What Is His Professional Life?

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom Vitale, a native Californian who was born on August 15, 1963, is a financial planner, TV producer, and businessman. Although he is a successful businessman in the country who has worked on a wide range of projects, his wife, the famous actress Valerie Bertinelli, has made it so that he is better known for his personal life than his professional one. Due to the popularity of “One Day At A Time,” Mr. Vitale is better recognized as Valerie’s husband.

Tom Vitale’s Net Worth

Producer and TV executive Tom Vitale of the United States has a $5 million fortune. After completing his studies at Williams, Tom Vitale entered the television industry in the late ’80s. Starting in the television industry in 1987 with Viacom, he then made the switch to NBC to work in the field of program acquisition.

He oversees the acquisition, development, and programming of all movies and programs for both Syfy and Chiller in his current role as Executive Vice President of Programming and Original Movies.

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Alongside his work in television, he also produced the Off-Off-Broadway play “Dyslexic Heart” in 1999. He’s been involved with Williams College alumni events and programs for a long time, and he even spent ten years on the Williams Club board.

He has previously held the positions of President of Fieri Manhattan and Vice President of Fieri National for New York State. Fieri is an Italian-American organization that supports civic, educational, and cultural initiatives.

Tom Vitale Early Life

Tom Vitale’s parents and older brother David make up an affluent family of four. He found great satisfaction in sharing his life with his sibling through the sport of rugby. Even though he lives with his mother, he has never revealed their surname.

On the other hand, Tom appears to have maintained the same level of closeness with his mother that he had as a child, at least based on a thorough examination of his Instagram account. We haven’t been able to confirm it yet, but some accounts say he has a degree from Williams College.

Tom Vitale Career

American Tom Vitale is a well-known figure. After completing his studies in finance at Williams College, he immediately began working in the field. After that, he joined Viacom as a distributor of CBS TV shows and other syndication programmes and worked as a marketing strategist and research analyst.

He eventually quit and went to work for NBC. Following this, he collaborated in the production of the play Dyslexic Heart. In 1993, Tom Vitale joined Syfy and Chillers as an Executive Vice President of Programming & Original Movies.

Tom oversaw the business’s purchase of shows and movies in addition to its programming, development, strategic planning, network scheduling, and deal-making. In addition to his role as Vice President of Fieri National, he has also served as President of Fieri Manhattan.

Tom and Edward Leow started the online retailer Veebow in 2011. Due to financial difficulties, the business was forced to close in 2018. Vitale was a guru in the world of finance who also had a deep interest in the arts of filmmaking and television production.

The shows 20/20, E! True Hollywood Story, Hot in Cleveland, The Apprentice, Who Do You Think You Are?, and Valerie’s Home Cooking made him famous.

Tom Vitale Personal Life

TV producer and financial expert Tom Vitale, 58, has been in the industry for a while. He entered the world on August 15, 1963, in the Golden State of California. He is a legal resident and citizen of the United States.

He has a brother named David Vitale but has never talked about his parents. He stands 1.90 meters tall and weighs 75 kilograms. He’s bald on top but has a grey beard and mustache hair. Both his eyes and his birth sign, Leo, are black.

To Vitale Professional Life

In his career, he accomplished a lot of impressive things. At first a professional planner, the producer went on to create his own successful company. Tom’s television career got its start in the ’90s. The businessman runs the online retailer Veebow as its chief executive officer.

Tom Vitale Net Worth

The business was founded by Edward Leow and me in 2011. Expenditures totaled $1,300,000.00. Ultimately, the group’s goal is to streamline operations for franchisees and retail store owners.

Off-Off-smash Broadway’s hit “Dyslexic Heart,” which he also helped produce, is a prime example of his work. In 2020, he began working for Syfy and Chiller, where he oversaw all of the networks’ film and television projects. Tom Vitale is also the Vice President of Fieri National, a philanthropic trust.

Tom Vitale Relationship

Valerie Bertinelli, an American actress and television personality, and Tom have been married since 2011. Tom was previously married to Sharon Vitale, but they divorced for valid reasons before he met Valerie. Tom’s arrest for hitting his ex-wife Sharon in 2001.

Andie Vitale and Angela Vitale are two of Tom and Sharon’s four children. Along with being a prosperous businessman, Tom is also a caring and devoted family man.

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